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Tuesday 21st March 2017

this is the amount of faith you need to handle your problems

mustard seed

Many years ago, a friend gave me a heart-shaped necklace with a mustard seed tucked inside. The mustard-seed was so small, you had to look really close to see it. At the time, that’s how my faith felt. If you’ve been around here a while, you know that I went through a very long ...

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Tuesday 15th March 2016

why we don’t ask for prayer, even when we should – #TellHisStory

if it matters to you it matters to God

I was sitting at the back of our country church, near the computer where you’ll find me many Sunday mornings. I had been assigned the duty of worship leader, aka Deejay J.D. Lee, so I was picking songs from our iTunes library. That morning, I needed more than a few good songs to play. I ...

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Monday 22nd February 2016

Asking for Prayers from You, Dear Friends

Asking for Prayers from You, Dear Friends

Hi friends, This is my Dad. I realize I’ve been a little vague about Dad, and all that he’s been going through. I’ve written things like: “Dad continues to work through some major health problems.” “These are tough times right now.” “Please ...

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Sunday 11th October 2015

when you’re feeling small this week, pray big

pray big

It’s a big week ahead, and I’m guessing you’re keenly aware of your great need for Jesus. I have my prayer journal open right now, and the list is long. People I love are sick, dying, confused, feeling hopeless. Our family has a big unknown looming up ahead. There’s a ...

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Friday 2nd October 2015

The Best Football Play of the Year — Guaranteed to Make You Smile

football game, prayer

Thousands of high schoolers will return to the gridiron tonight, but the best football play of the year happened last Friday night on a field not too far from our house. I wouldn’t have known about it, except that our friend Dan LaRock posted this photo on his Facebook page. Take a close ...

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Monday 4th May 2015

Confessions From a So-Called “Prayer Expert”

Confessions From a  So-Called "Prayer Expert"

Confessions From a So-Called “Prayer Expert” By Kelly O’Dell Stanley Whenever someone refers to me as an expert on prayer, I want to laugh out loud. Then I feel embarrassed for being such a hypocrite—after all, I did write a book about prayer. It’s not an illogical conclusion. ...

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