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Monday 14th August 2017

We can’t do EVERY-thing. We can do SOME-thing.

We can't do EVERY-thing. We can do SOME-thing.

This is one of the most heartbreaking photos I have ever taken. Take a look: When I snapped the photo, I thought I was seeing miniature pottery bowls drying on mats in a Haitian village. I asked our translator if I was correct. “No, those aren’t bowls,” he said. “They’re mud ...

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Tuesday 7th February 2017

How To Find a Way Out of Your Darkest Dark

How To Find a Way Out of Your Darkest Dark

The year I chased after happiness more than ever before, was — in many ways — a year of yuck. It was beset by sickness, loss, doubt, second-guessing, loneliness, and more. That is just weird, isn’t it? Yet my author-friends had warned me about this. They said that sometimes, ...

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Friday 2nd December 2016

How Social Media Can Make You Happy <---- You Read that Right!

Five Minutes to a Happier You

Do That Happy Thing – When Surface Pleasures Produce Meaningful Treasures By Becky Keife I heard the familiar br-rring of my Voxer app letting me know a new message had arrived. (If you don’t know about Voxer, think instant voice messaging ala adult walkie-talkies.) I pressed the play button ...

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Tuesday 11th October 2016

Stand With Haiti – One Way to Make a BIG Difference TODAY

Stand With Haiti - One Way to Make a BIG Difference TODAY

A few months ago,  I stood at the front of a Haitian church. My assignment: to bring the hope of the gospel to our sisters and brothers gathered in the pews. The story I shared was this: When I was a girl, fishing with my dad, a storm came out of nowhere, leaving us vulnerable […]

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Tuesday 23rd August 2016

The Fastest Way to Make Someone Else Happy — #TellHisStory

One of the surest routes to happiness!

It’s my fourth birthday, and Mom stands on the hem of my memory. I’m playing musical chairs with cherry-cheeked friends in the next room. And I think I see Mom on the edge, putting candles in a cake while standing barefoot in the kitchen. But it’s all so fuzzy. Fast-forward to another ...

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