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Friday 31st March 2017

if you’re in need of a miracle, this is step one.


For years, I lived a life without faith. I put Jesus in the same category as comic-book action figures: strong and mighty on paper, but pure fiction and utterly useless in times of need. I remained faithless until I responded to this strong sense, thumping inside of me, that I finally needed to ...

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Tuesday 21st March 2017

this is the amount of faith you need to handle your problems

mustard seed

Many years ago, a friend gave me a heart-shaped necklace with a mustard seed tucked inside. The mustard-seed was so small, you had to look really close to see it. At the time, that’s how my faith felt. If you’ve been around here a while, you know that I went through a very long ...

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Tuesday 28th June 2016

the truth about the power you hold within you – #tellhisstory

the truth about the power you hold within you - #tellhisstory

So there are days when you just feel so weak. The tasks and obstacles loom before you like Mt. Kilimanjaro. There seems no end in sight and you don’t know how you can take another step. Those are the days I remember little Anne Melissa, the child in this picture. This sweet girl has had ...

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Tuesday 23rd February 2016

How to Find Quiet in a Swirling World

How to Find Quiet in a Swirling World

How to Find Quiet in a Swirling World By Kaitlyn Bouchillon The small moments can seem unnoticed, unheard of, unseen. Or maybe they’re none of these things, but they just happen to often get pushed aside. Big moments can get a lot of hype and it’s often well deserved. That doesn’t mean small is ...

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Friday 15th January 2016

For Anyone Who Has Lost Faith

2 timothy 2:13

The darkest time of my life happened when I lost all faith. I did not believe. If there was a God, I didn’t trust him. Because it felt like He had left this sorry world to figure out stuff on our own. My way back to faith is not a tidy one. It is tear-stained, riddled with […]

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Tuesday 12th January 2016

The Greatest Risk – #TellHisStory

The Greatest Risk - #TellHisStory

I don’t know about you, but all of the best things in my life have had fear as a steady companion. I’ve been terrified to apply for jobs, to join exercise classes, to write books, to have hard conversations. I’ve been terrified of childbirth. Of falling in love. There are always good reasons ...

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Tuesday 29th September 2015

the extravagant invitation we’ve all been waiting for — #TellHisStory

your mess

So, I’ve been having this dream. And in the dream, there’s a long table stretching out under an open sky. The heavens are coated with stars, so many that we don’t need to light the ivory tapers that someone twisted into those crystal holders. The table is covered in a white cloth that blows in ...

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