How would you spend your final hours on earth?

March 27, 2018 | 29 comments

I read something today, that I’d read a hundred times before, but this time it brought tears to my eyes:

“Jesus said to them, ‘I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.'” (Luke 22:15)

Two words caught me off guard and elicited a deep emotional response: Eagerly desired.

There’s such an urgency, such a longing in those words. There’s such passion and love for His friends.

For us.

Eagerly desired.

He didn’t have much time.

Eagerly desired.

About to suffer.

Eagerly desired.

Jesus eagerly desired to eat supper with His friends before He suffered. He eagerly desired to tell them one last time how important it was to truly trust God (John 14:1). He eagerly desired to tell them about the many rooms in His Father’s house (John 14:2). About the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

Can you sense the urgency in His voice? It was for us too.

He eagerly desired to tell us about the Holy Spirit (John 14:16). And that we’d never, ever be alone (John 14:18). He eagerly desired to wash feet (John 13:5) and to give us a command to truly love one another (John 15:17). He eagerly desired to deliver words that — more than 2,000 years later — you and I cling to in our darkest hours.

He eagerly desired. Such love is this! Such sacrifice, that in His final hours — with an agonizing reality casting an enormous shadow over Him — He poured Himself out. For us!

He eagerly desired to present a cup and bread in a whole new way. The disciples had seen the cup before, since they were young, at the Passover feast. They thought they knew what this cup meant!

But this time, the cup was radically revealed to them in a startling new way. Jesus told them, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you” (Luke 22:20).

These were His last moments, and Jesus made every. last. one. count. For us.

I want to be like that.

To eagerly desire to join Jesus at His table.

To eagerly desire to love others SO MUCH that I put their needs ahead of my own.

To eagerly desire to tell others who Jesus really is.

To eagerly desire to wash feet.

To eagerly desire to NOT WAIT until it’s too late to extend forgiveness.

On that night, Jesus knew how much time He had. Right now, most of us don’t. We can’t waste another moment. We don’t have that kind of time.

Let’s eagerly desire to fall at His feet,
with all that we have,
and all that we are.

(Thank you, Jesus…)


YOUR TURN: Which of those promises do you especially need today? 



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by | March 27, 2018 | 29 comments


  1. Rebecca Presnell

    His company. I feel very alone most days, even when surrounded by people. I just don’t feel I “fit” anywhere. Thank you for this post.

  2. Michele Morin

    It’s my prayer to practice that kind of intentional awareness of others and their needs. Right now, I fall so far short of it, and so often miss the whole point of an encounter. Those chapters from John’s Gospel are good scripting for a life poured out.

  3. Susan

    “Victory over any trouble this world dishes out.” That’s the one I need today. xo

  4. nylse

    I have a confession – I had forgotten that this is typically what is called Holy Week for many reasons. This reminds me to soak in his presence eagerly just like He did for us.

  5. Pam Ecrement

    Your words resonate in my heart and spirit, Jennifer. How hard it is to fathom the kind of love you describe here and the words of John point to.

  6. Lynn Morrissey

    Jennifer, I needed to read this post. Lately, I haven’t eagerly desired anything. I have sublimated my desires, maybe so I don’t feel the keen intensity of them…. maybe figuring it’s better not to desire rather than be disappointed. I’m not sure. But Jesus bids our eagerness if our desires are God’s for us. Can I not be eager to desire what He desires for my life, for my reaching out to others with His love? You’re right. Time is short.

    I find it so curious that the origin of the word “eager” means “sharp.” Jesus sharply desired to share the meal that would be the prelude to the sharp spikes that would drive into his flesh, nailing Him to wood. How often to I run from what is sharp and painful, preferring the softness of a life of ease? Oh, the Lord needs to prick my heart with His sharp eagerness that propels me to pick up my Cross and follow Him, no matter the cost. Lord, make me eagerly desirous of You.

    May the Lord bless you this Good Friday, Jennifer, as you remember the Lord’s eager sacrifice, and may He bring you, yourself, eager joy on Easter Sunday!!

    All my love,

  7. DeanneMoore

    Sometimes when I approach the table at church, I feel so desperately hungry. What a grace to think that Jesus felt the same way. I loved this reflection as we journey with Jesus to the cross. Thank you, for ministering to me today.

  8. Nancy Ruegg

    Insightful writing as always, Jennifer. I love the way you highlighted all the uplifting truth and promises of Jesus’ last night with his disciples before he went to the cross. John 14:27 is the promise I need most. By God’s providence I was led to write my post for this week on that verse, just as my husband I received disconcerting news. Just yesterday he was diagnosed with cancer, and today we’ve been connected to a specialist who will take his case. We’re a bit numb right now, but as I’ve told loved ones, God is in control and he will see us through! Jesus’ peace is our pathway.

  9. Mary

    I love how you highlighted the words “eagerly desired”. Those two words say so much about Jesus and the kind of person He was and how much He loved us. I’m going to be thinking about this for awhile.

    As for God’s promises, I seem to need an extra does of knowing I am never alone more often. When I rest in that promise, all is right in my world. Happy Easter blessings to you and your family!

  10. Barbara Harper

    Thank you for bringing out these truths. It’s so easy to gloss over key words that color the whole passage.

  11. Tara Ulrich

    To eagerly desire…thats profound! And I just happen to be sitting here sermonizing for Maundy Thursday. Your words got my thought processing moving and flowing. Great stuff friend! Thank You! I want to eagerly desire to love like Jesus loves!

    • dukeslee

      So much respect for you, Tara, and it means a lot to know that my words might have stirred something in you as you prepare for your Maundy Thursday service. xo

  12. Bev @ Walking Well With God

    I could use them all…but His perfect peace and victory over the troubles of this world stand out today….great post!
    Have a blessed Easter my friend,
    Bev xx

    • dukeslee

      May your Holy Week be so meaningful, precious Bev. xo

  13. Sherry Thecharmofhome

    This is an awesome post Jennifer! He wants so badly to give us the goodness He has in abundance to pour out but, we have to want Him. We have to believe in Him and want Him…as bad as He wants us. There are no words to describe how monumental this relationship will be if we would just seek it with all our hearts!!! Thanks for hosting and have a lovely weekend!

    • dukeslee

      have a great Easter, Sherry. Thanks for being here this week. You’re a blessing.

  14. Theresa Boedeker

    This post is such a great reminder of Jesus’s love for us and the desire he had to give so many good gifts to us before he left this world. He was about to suffer, but instead of focusing on his journey, he was preparing for the remainder of ours and those around him. What a great example for us. Right now needing his forever friendship. Happy Easter to you and yours.

    • dukeslee

      Happy Easter to you as well, dear Theresa.

  15. Betsy Cruz

    What a fresh, original slant on Jesus’ last hours. This encourages my heart so much. I’m leading a prayer meeting in the Middle East this morning, and you’ve given me words I want to read as a devotional. (I love that about the internet. Your words written in Idaho, read aloud in the Middle East!) <3

    • dukeslee

      So glad this spoke to you, Betsy. And you’re in the Middle East right now! AWESOME.

  16. Rebecca

    This reminder is so subtle yet so tender. It portrays more of God’s heart toward us, toward me (because sometimes I need to be reminded that it is for me, not just the global “us”)

    • dukeslee

      “for me, not just the global us” … I love that, Rebecca.

      • Rebecca

        🙂 Thank You! 🙂

  17. Maree Dee

    Beautiful post. I don’t think I have ever paid attention to those two words. Thank you for pointing them out. I too want to “eagerly desire” our Lord.

    • dukeslee

      So glad this spoke to you, friend.

  18. Anita

    Ha! This morning I’m not feeling the love from my students (mostly the seniors–they’re feeling grumpy and unsure about their futures, so I get it), so the promise that he’s with me even when I feel hated resonates with me!

  19. Crystal

    So appreciate this fresh perspective Jennifer! I wonder if we will ever comprehend the depth of love our Savior has for us and how valued fellowship with us is to Him. Yet these two words work so well for me because I think of the emotion that wells up inside of me when I know I’m going to have precious time with my kids, and it makes an impactful connection. Happy Resurrection Day!

  20. Katy Watters

    I always enjoy your insight and posts, Jennifer! I have subscribed to your blog for a while now, and now that I have my own blog, it is such a privilege to join your link party! Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a weekend FULL of celebrating Christ’s resurrection! Katy @ SYE (



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