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Tuesday 21st March 2017

this is the amount of faith you need to handle your problems

mustard seed

Many years ago, a friend gave me a heart-shaped necklace with a mustard seed tucked inside. The mustard-seed was so small, you had to look really close to see it. At the time, that’s how my faith felt. If you’ve been around here a while, you know that I went through a very long ...

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Thursday 21st April 2016

even if your voice shakes a little

this is my story, this is my song

We’ve been without a pastor for several months now, and while that’s not been easy, something really amazing has been happening. Week after week, members of our little congregation have agreed to take the pulpit — some for the first time ever — to lead our congregation ...

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Saturday 6th February 2016

“I know how this all turns out.” ~ God

I know how this all turns out

It was clear we were going to be late for an important meeting. There was nothing we could do. The traffic was bad. The stoplights weren’t going our way. The road we were about to turn onto was a tangle of snow plows and bottlenecks. In times like those, I am tempted to panic. But […]

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Monday 23rd February 2015

The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out

Have you ever been stuck in a pit so deep that you didn’t think you’d ever get out? I was stuck in a hole for 15 years. My hole was the shape of doubt. I didn’t believe the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I was afraid that the whole Bible was a sham. But I […]

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Tuesday 9th December 2014

#TellHisStory: Dear God, I Don’t Understand (And a Book Giveaway)

Philip Yancey

I’m afraid of messing this up. That’s the thought running through my mind as I recline in the bed next to my daughter, who catapults hard questions into the inky hollowness above us. I can’t see her tears, but I can hear them. It’s the way her tiny voice wobbles and squeaks. I reach along […]

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Monday 18th August 2014

How Your Biggest Questions Can Save Your Faith

How Your Biggest Questions Can Save Your Faith

My oldest daughter asks her hardest questions at bedtime, when we flop open the pages of Scripture atop her quilt. This night, the story of David and Goliath finds us. I read aloud about a heroic boy who felled a giant with one smooth stone. In the bluish light of her bedside lamp, I can see on ...

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Monday 12th May 2014

Though He Be Silent, God’s NOT Dead

god's not dead, cross

Sometimes, it can feel like God is sitting on His hands. You wonder why He’s so silent, when you’re praying your loudest. You wonder if He’s on vacation, when your knees are working overtime. You know the truth about the matter. You’d be willing lay your life down over ...

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Thursday 13th March 2014

When You Don’t Have All the Answers (And Why That’s OK)

When You Don't Have All the Answers (And Why That's OK)

What if you knew it was okay to come to God with your questions? And what if your children and grandchildren knew that it was okay to come to you with theirs? We’re asking our questions over at, one of my favorite places online when I’m looking for ...

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