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June 21, 2016 | 5 comments

I have a scar on my left leg, an accidental souvenir from a head-on car collision in 2009. After the accident, the insurance company offered to pay for plastic surgery, but I declined. I wanted to keep my scar. Here’s why:

I needed to remember what I’d been saved from. The scar was a part of my rescue story. When the doctors sewed up my leg, the stitched wound was in the shape of a Y. To me, the single letter stood for Yahweh. I felt as if I’d been marked by God’s first initial.

Every once in a while, I run my fingers along that scar, now fading.

The scar always reminds me to thank God for the rescue.

I have other scars, too. These are interior scars you can’t see, but if we sat down face-to-face, I’d tell you more. My voice might tremble when I told you about the stories behind the scars. I have been wounded by others. I have wounded myself. It all leaves a mark.

Do you have scars like that too?

Maybe your voice is trembling a little when you whisper: “Yes, I do.”

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by | June 21, 2016 | 5 comments


  1. Carly

    I love the reminder that “our scars a part of our rescue story”. It may not always be comfortable to show our scars but I love that when we do God can use that to bring healing to others. Thanks for featuring my post from last week.

  2. Mary

    You are such a beautiful story teller. My scars are part of my story and God is my Author. I can’t ask for anything better. Sending prayers as you go and bless the people of Haiti!

  3. Susan

    Scars? Oh Jennifer! Let’s talk about scars!!! LOL

  4. Leah Adams

    Oh yes, I have some scars, too. Some are still a bit raw, but healing. You know what the worst thing to do to a scar is? Pick at it…keep it raw and never let it heal. All too often we do that and fail to let the Healer heal. Wonderful post, Jennifer.

  5. Deborah Will

    Oh yes I have scars – too many to share, but the most recent three weeks ago a glass shattered in my hand and cut two fingers badly – 16 stitches, but I was reminded it could have been worse with cut tendons and it was a reminder to slow down.



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