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Tuesday 3rd May 2016

if you’re in need of a miracle – #tellhisstory


For years, I lived a life without faith. I put Jesus in the same category as comic-book action figures: strong and mighty on paper, but pure fiction and utterly useless in times of need. I remained faithless until I responded to this strong sense, thumping inside of me, that I finally needed to ...

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Tuesday 26th April 2016

how to take a compliment with grace – #tellhisstory

how to take a compliment

I was still new in my faith, and that morning, I sat like a firework in the front pew. My heart was eager, ignitable. Our church had a guest speaker, and I hung on every word, as if I were hearing the gospel for the first time. His fiery words were like a match on […]

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Tuesday 19th April 2016

if you’re feeling irrelevant – #TellHisStory

if you're feeling irrelevant  - #TellHisStory

Sometimes, I think I’ll run out. Run out of something to say here. Run out of hours. Run out of life. Of energy. Of purpose. Of time. Run out of being relevant anymore. The other night, at Bible study, our leader asked the question: “What are you most afraid of?” He gave us choices. Fear […]

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Tuesday 12th April 2016

when all you need is one prayer away — #TellHisStory

when all you need is one prayer away -- #TellHisStory

My alarm didn’t go off this morning, so even before the day began, I was already running behind schedule. In an effort to start my day out right, I tried to hold tight to my “quiet time.” It was the opposite of quiet. It consisted of me attempting to read a few verses while slapping deli […]

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Monday 4th April 2016

the secret to stop feeling like a failure – #TellHisStory

the secret to stop feeling like a failure - #TellHisStory

I always wanted the A. Anything less felt like failing. But back during freshman year of university, I unfolded my mid-term grade report, smoothing it out on my desk. That day, I found this fat D+ on the grid of my mid-term report. I was nearly failing math, and I took it personal. I felt a ...

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Tuesday 29th March 2016

What I Need to Know When the World Feels Dark & Broken — #TellHisStory

What I Need to Know When the World Feels Dark & Broken -- #TellHisStory

My father-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008, a few weeks before the first tulips popped their glossy mouths open, toward the spring sky. Our daughters were six and three at the time, and they immediately asked us if “Bop”—as they called him—was going to die. The prognosis wasn’t good, ...

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Tuesday 9th February 2016

how to find your way home – #TellHisStory (book giveaway!)

how to find your way home - #TellHisStory (book giveaway!)

This did not feel like home, not at first. I was as Iowa as a girl can get. But I had felt destined for the city, not the farm. But home snuck up on me, when I wasn’t looking, where I wasn’t looking. I don’t recall the exact moment, but I knew I was home […]

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Tuesday 2nd February 2016

A Dare that Might Just Change Us — #The Happiness Dare #TellHisStory


Today is my birthday. My family says it’s actually my birth-month. I won’t lie: I know how to drag a party out. I think that one of the reasons I love my birthday so much, is because it gives me a reason to celebrate during a time of year that can feel heavy. By now, a lot of us ...

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