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Tuesday 16th August 2016

how to find happiness in a sad and busted-up world – #TellHisStory

how to find happiness in a sad and busted-up world - #TellHisStory

I don’t know about you, but all the pain in this world has challenged all that is good within me. It has challenged my hope, my sense of security, my peace. I can’t fly in an airplane anymore without a foreboding sense that the worst is about to happen. If I’m in a crowd, I am edgy. When I […]

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Friday 12th August 2016

if you’re feeling less than, left out or lonely

if you're feeling less than, left out or lonely

I do NOT like to admit this, because it makes me sound totally junior high, but I recently saw a Facebook status from an old friend that crushed me. It had this sort of veiled meaning, and it was cryptic enough to make me think that her words were an attack on me. I don’t […]

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Tuesday 9th August 2016

An Invitation to The Happiness Dare BOOK CLUB! – #tellhisstory

An Invitation to The Happiness Dare BOOK CLUB! - #tellhisstory

When I took the Happiness Dare, I didn’t take it alone. This dare has always been an invitation to all of us. It is an invitation into a rebellious hunt that will lead us to a soul cache. I believe the Holy Spirit is saying to each of us, “Pay attention. Savor the life God has […]

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Monday 8th August 2016

Heaven Is For Real, … And Why We Need to Know That Today

Heaven Is For Real, ... And Why We Need to Know That Today

Dear God, I’m thinking about heaven today. I don’t do that like I used to, do I? I don’t think about heaven like I did when I first believed. Maybe it’s because I get so caught up with what went wrong yesterday, and so worried about what might go wrong tomorrow. I get so preoccupied that I ...

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Saturday 6th August 2016

The Happiness Dare: #1 Hot New Release!

The Happiness Dare

Wow, what a week! Thank you to everyone who has cheered, prayed, encouraged, ordered the book, supplied me with candy, held my hand, believed in the message, spoke truth, understood that happiness leaves room for tears, helped me laugh at myself, loaned me your enthusiasm on days when mine ...

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Friday 5th August 2016

Don’t Wait for The Weekend to Live a Happy Life

don't wait for the weekend to live a happy life!

I’m a Doer. I love tasks, to-do lists, and the satisfaction of a good day’s work. I’m as giddy at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning, as some people are at 5 p.m. on a Friday! I used to feel guilty about all of that. I would think to myself: If I were a better Christian, […]

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Tuesday 2nd August 2016

It’s Release Day for The Happiness Dare! Prizes Galore!

Check out The Happiness Dare!

Two years ago, I never would have spoken this sentence aloud: “I want to be happy.” I would have thought it, and secretly, I would have wanted happiness. But I would have been scared to admit it. I would have told you that I wanted joy instead. I would have told you that God cared […]

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Monday 25th July 2016

The Extravagant Invitation We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Extravagant Invitation We've All Been Waiting For

So, I’ve been having this dream. And in the dream, there’s a long table stretching out under an open sky. The heavens are coated with stars, so many stars that we don’t need to light the ivory tapers that someone twisted into those crystal holders. The table is covered in a white cloth that ...

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