You Are On My Mind … Yes, You.

November 19, 2010 | 39 comments

I can’t stop thinking about you.

You, on the other side of these words. How I wish I could reach through the warm glow of your cyberdoor, turn the knob, step inside, cup your face in my hands and tell you:

You. Are. Loved.

I read your emails, the ones that you mustered up the courage to send in the middle of the night. You unzip your heart, trust me enough with your secrets. You expose wilted spirits, and ask: Could you pray?

I will.

I do.

Today, I am.

I light the HOPE candle for you, sweet sister. This day is for you …

For you, the woman tethered to the desk and the to-dos. You are tired.
May the Father grant you respite.

And for you, whose husband sits in the room … but isn’t really there at all.
May Abba enfold you with enduringly strong arms.

And for you, the woman surrounded by a hundred friends who need you, but no one really sees your pain. You’re lonely. And why can’t anyone reciprocate what you so freely give?
May the Lord whisper His love over you.

I pray for you, with the diagnosis.

And you, with the errant child.

And you, whose closest friend is heartache.

And you, who lost your faith and don’t know how to get it back.

I know some of your faces — just some — because you are here in the comment box, or just up the road, or across the church aisle.

But some of you? You crack open this door quietly, peek in and leave. You are a shadow. Today, dear one, before you leave, will you stand in the light, and will you look up above the hinged door? Would you read that sign? Yes, right there. That’s a Love note from the Father, you know. It reads: My banner over you is love.

I pray for you today.

When you read these words, know they are for you. Know that you are being prayed for.

I’ve lit the wick; I hold out Hope for you.

Today’s comment box is for your prayers. Shall we intercede for one another? How can I pray for you? If you can’t share the details, that’s OK. And if it’s too hard to step out of the shadows, that’s OK. Because God knows. He knows.

by | November 19, 2010 | 39 comments


  1. Julie

    Might I ask for prayer for my dear hubby's Granny? She is knocking on heavens door waiting to go home. Pray for her comfort and her healing (either way) and for the family to feel the love of our Savior around them. Some of them are not believers, but I pray they see God's love and light through this…


  2. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Heavenly Father, I lift Julie and her husband's family — and his grandmother — to you this morning. Even in death, you extend your grace to us. Send Your Son to usher Granny home … and may Your presence be so strong that those who don't know You yet would come to know You now. In Jesus' name …

  3. Nancy

    There was a time when I'd ignore an open invitation for prayer–too proud, I suppose. But since you asked…my son was diagnosed with ADHD 3/4 of the way through his senior year (which explains a lot, looking back). He decided college wasn't right for him and is attempting to join the military (which many including his doctor say would be the best thing in the world for him, providing structure and discipline). He's been disqualified from service because of his diagnosis and we're in the process of appeal. In the meantime, he's frustrated and lost and this waiting is hard on the whole family. We know God is present and at work in this, but we need much wisdom and grace. And since you asked…

    Thank you.

  4. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Abba Father,

    Thank you for stirring in Nancy's heart to share.

    I pray the words of Psalm 46:10 over her family, that she would know that you are Lord over this situation, and that she can wait in the stillness and assurance that You hold this situation in Your hands. You know how this all turns out, Father God.

    Give Nancy and her family the wisdom, strength and peace they need as they wait. In Jesus' name …

  5. Peggy Arteberry

    Thank you for asking Jennifer. I have been working in a commission only job for almost a year. The money is very poor, I have no benefits and I drive a long way…and I've been looking for another job almost this entire time. I have been praying and praying and praying for a job….I know without a doubt that God is always right on time. Please agree with me that I will find something soon. Something that I feel useful in, something with great people… something full time. Thank you sooo much. Hugs

  6. David Rupert

    I have a terrible weekend coming up, saying goodbye to a 26-year friend who is leaving town and my life — maybe forever.

    last meal. Helping pack tomorrow. a Kiss. A hug. And lots of sadness will follow

  7. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Yahweh ….

    I look at that tiny thumbnail photo of Your daughter, Peggy. And I see how she leans in, cups the face. … May she feel Your holy hands holding her just … like … that.

    I join Peggy in praying that You would provide stable work, where she can use the gifts that you have uniquely granted her. Surround her with friends and co-workers … and stability and reliability.

    In Jesus' name …

  8. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Sustainer God,

    Grant my dear brother David and his longtime friend peace and strength for the days ahead. Surround them with your love …

    In Jesus' name …

  9. Stephani

    I'm overloaded but at peace. I have elderly parents with illness and memory loss moving into a life care community within the next two weeks, a wayward and troubled step-son, my own health issues with Dr. appts. on Monday and Tuesday. I care for others and care for myself while working full-time. I get tired, but that is just the season I'm in right now. ~ Grace and peace to you dear Jennifer. Praying and praising for you today as well.

  10. A Simple Country Girl

    Your heart is such a blessing to many. And your willingness inspires. It is His LOVE that shines into all the dark places of our hearts. Thank you for holding that candle today.


    Lord, please bless Jennifer as she takes folds our needs into birds of prayer and sets them free on wings of Love. In Jesus' name, amen.

  11. Tea with Tiffany

    Your heart shines love.

    Thank you, Jennifer, for encouraging and loving and praying for us.

    May God in turn pour out His radiant light on your light so that you can shine even brighter.

    I thank Jesus for sweet connections online, like you.

    Love, tiffany

  12. RCUBEs

    How encouraging to come in and know that prayers here abound. I wanted to leave on tiptoes but I couldn't help but end up bending my knees. As I pray with you and for you. Thank you for your prayers sister. Please pray for the Lord to continue to watch over my family and use us, three, as His instrument to share His love. The way you did…God bless. Happy Thanksgiving sister Jennifer.

  13. Laura

    Oh, Jennifer. You just give and give and give. And, wow–do you look like Jesus. Thank you for praying.

    Will you please pray for my husband's work? Pray the Lord will bless the work of his hands. Pray He will delight my man in his chosen work.

    Thank you, sweet friend. I am praying for you also.

  14. Linda

    You are a precious sister of my heart Jennifer.
    Might you pray for healing for my family. It is needed so desperately – body, soul, and spirit.
    If there is something I can pray for you, I would be honored.
    Thank you Jennifer.

  15. Rebecca

    Jennifer, I am humbled at your openness and true faith.

    Thank you for posting this, my heart needed to hear this today.

    I am blessed in so many ways that I almost feel embarrassed asking others to pray for me, but here goes.

    My husband has been out of work since last Christmas. We get by on my salary, but we are really starting to feel the crunch. He had a job interview for an amazing job this past Monday, and I am asking for all the prayers I can get that he gets this job…as long as it is in line with God's will for our family. I hope it is. I want it to be. But I also know my wants are not always God's wants. 🙂

    I am also struggling a lot with weight issues (not just slightly overweight…we're talking 200 lbs overweight). I try so hard but always fail. I feel worthless and unworthy of success, yet also feel like I deserve better than the body I'm trapped in.

    I would also ask you to pray for my husband and I in a more private, intimate matter. We have been trying to conceive our first child for six years with no success. Infertility has been such a struggle for us, full of heartbreak, anger, depression. There are days I'm hopeful about it, and other times I'm convinced it will never happen. We need some intervention.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for offering prayers for us. I am a new reader of your blog, and I cannot wait to get to know you more deeply through your posts and the sharing of Our Father's grace and love.

    You will be in my daily prayers as well.

    In His Love,


  16. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Dear friends, … I'm popping in here briefly this evening from a hotel lobby computer. (We are celebrating our oldest daughter's birthday at a hotel/waterpark.)

    But I wanted you to know that
    I hear you,
    I see you,
    and I am
    praying for each of you.

    I can't get YOU off my mind.

    As we splashed around in the waterpark this evening, I thought of each of you — praying that you would be sustained by Living Water and that you would sense the love of God, who will do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

    Praying with you, for you….

    And thank you for your prayers for me. I'm humbled by your love and generosity!

  17. Jennifer

    Pray for my Grandma Della–just had knee replacement surgery. Home alone in the cold of a Michigan winter. Pray for her rapid healing.

    Pray for my husband's Maw Maw–back in the home after a stint in a behavioral facility. Pray the medications work so that she can stay in the home.

    A couple in my church–pray for their marriage and for the husband's salvation.

    My cousin Larissa's salvation…and for her children.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Jennifer. I've been so burdened this week. How did you know?

  18. Beth E.

    I have asked for prayers so many times over the past several months. I thank you for your faithfulness to pray for my brother, my family, and for me.

    We continue to need those prayers in the days ahead, friend. I appreciate your loving kindness and willingness to intercede on our behalf.

    Love and prayers for you and your family…


  19. Cindy

    My sweet friend,

    How did you know? but of course you did cuz He knows doesn't He dear friend. Praises and thanks that He does. Why then however do I try to keep the control and not let go? Had a rough week, rough enough that minor little things feel like mountains all together. Lost my teenagers cell phone on Monday – not cool. Yesterday lost the key to our pickup. Ugg and then it is just all the "new normal" we are trying to adjust to. Thanks for the blessing of knowing that you are praying.
    I pray that you have had a beautiful birthday celebration.
    Blessings friend,

  20. marygems

    And for you, the woman surrounded by a hundred friends who need you, but no one really sees your pain. You're lonely.
    That's ME~! How amazing is our God that He sees and knows and tells a 'listenedr' like YOU- God Bless you for your beautiful heart that is reaching out to your readers with such compassion and love. May it be to you- pressed down, shaken together and running over! God loves your beautiful heart.

  21. Dawn

    Hi there,
    I've never left you a comment, but you provided such a lush invitation, I couldn't resist introducing myself.

    Thanks for your words, your typed gifts that minister, make me smile, challenge me.

    Many blessings,

  22. KEE

    My sweet beautiful friend who has such a way with words and a heart for God,I pray for you daily, for your girls and your farmer and this blog, that it will continue to touch people.

    I have asked you to pray for me constantly, so I feel like I have used up all my prayer coupons. Crazy one would feel like that, huh. But I will ask, just as I hope you will always ask.

    My hubby has been out of work since May. We are living on unemployment. We both have been looking for a job but have found nothing. He has a interview on Monday. God please give him the one YOU want him to have.

    My little sister is in jail and has two little girls who are confused and miss her very much.

    My Godson is going through something that I can't get into but please pray for that situation, he is only 14.

    And my mom I miss her so much some days it feels as if my heart is litterly breaking into. It's only been 3 months but feels like a lifetime since I have seen her

  23. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Jesus, the Author of Peace …

    Thank you for bringing your peace to Stephani's spirit. Give you an extra measure of your grace as her parents make this transition in life, as she trys to make sense of issues with her stepson, and as she tends to her physical need. I don't know the details of her health, Father, but you do. Heal her body. Strengthen her. Continue to uphold her with your mighty right hand … In Jesus' name…

    And Lord? Thank you for the gift of friendship through Simple Country Girl and Tiffany. Give them what they stand in need of today. In Jesus' name …

  24. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Holy Spirit — I join Rosel in asking you to watch over her family, and to empower them with Your spirit so they may share Your love with a broken world. In Jesus' name …

    Great Provider — I pray that you bless the work of Laura's husband … that he would find pleasure and delight in His work. Thank you for the gift of Laura's friendship. In Jesus' name …

    And for Linda, I call on You, the Great Physician. Pour out Your healing power on her family. In Jesus' name …

  25. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord who provides … I can't stop thinking about Rebecca. Thank you, Father, for encouraging her to share her prayer requests. It is a privilege to come to You on her behalf. And we know You hear us …

    You know the depth of her ache, her pain, her insecurity, her feelings of worthlessness. Father, would You give her special insight into how You feel about her, how much she's worth to you? … I think of Psalm 45:11 as I pray for her: "The King is enthralled by Rebecca's beauty…"

    Thank you for Rebecca, her beautiful heart that desires Your will. Bless her, Lord …

  26. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    El Roi … You are the God who sees. And we know you see Jennifer, and all that she stands in need of. You see her burdens and her heavy heart and her needs.

    We give these burdens to you Father, and ask that You would bring complete healing to Grandma Della and Maw Maw. … And Savior, stir in hearts that need true Hope that comes from an empty cross and an empty tomb. In Jesus' name …

  27. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Immanuel… God with us,

    We call on You again to give Beth's family all that they stand in need of during this time. Wrap your arms around them, and give them the grace they need for each day along this obstacle-ridden path. Pave the way with grace, Father. In Jesus' name …

  28. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    All-Sufficient Savior … You can meet every need we have, but sometimes, even the little things mount up like a hedge around us, and we can't see over or past or through it. Assure my dear friend Cindy that You are very, very near. She has had a rough week — filled with challenges big and small. Give her rest and respite this week, and the calm assurance that you've got it covered. Every bit of it …

    And Father, I lift to you marygems … She has a giving heart, and makes herself available to friends who need her. But she has needs, too. We ask that You fulfill those needs for her. In Jesus' name …

  29. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Father God, Thank you for the blessing of new friends. (And Dawn! Thank you for introducing yourself here!)

    I pray also for Kee, a woman after Your own heart. She has endured much, and I know You bottle her tears of grief and sorrow and confusion. Wipe away every tear, Father … Send your sweet relief. ( ((KEE)) … I love you, and your Jesus-heart. I ache for you …)

  30. S. Etole

    Thank you for bringing me here tonight … I have a guest visiting for a couple weeks that doesn't know the Lord

    and I had a tooth pulled on Thursday and a cold and infection are wrecking havoc on facial bones …

    Bless you, dear Jennifer, for welcoming our prayers into your heart.

  31. Shaunie Friday--Up the Sunbeam

    Such a beautiful post Jennifer! It just washed over me with the love of Christ–How I thank Him for you and your gifts! We have been in a long season of uncertainty and financial need. God is our provider and we thank Him for all the ways He takes care of us every day. We are weary of the strain and in need of some real intervention in our financial/employment picture. Your prayers would be such a blessing–thank you Jennifer! Praying for you too–you're a doll!

  32. Chelsea

    I'm your newest follower! love the blog.

    some close family friends of mine recently lost their little brother. from the time he went into the hospital to when he died was about a week; some rare disorder, still shocking and sinking it.

    thank you!

  33. Suz

    God bless you and all that responded to your blog.

    Even as bad as life can be sometimes, we can thank God for so much.

    Thank you.

  34. middleagesprint

    Tears are in my eyes right now. God is surely spreading His light through you. I hate to even ask for prayer as my life is pretty good right now. But my health well, just learned I have low blood platelets and they are getting lower. My doctor recommended I see a hemotologist. I am scared, but I know God is surrounding me with His peace as I don't stay up at night thinking about the what ifs. My dad and my sister both have low platelets as well so it could just be nothing. It has taken me several days to get up the courage to call the hemotologist. I am doing it tomorrow. For I realize the fear is the worst evil, and finding out what the facts is where I need to go. Thank you for providing this safe space. My family knows about my condition but I have not shared my fears as I am usually the strong one. Strength hasn't left me…no mamam, not one ounce because I have been leaning quite heavily on God. I also bought the new Third Day CD called Move. The songs have helped as well to solidify my faith and trust in the Lord. Thank you again. Also, just wanted to let you know I am the Annie for HOPE42DAY. There was so much I wanted to write about my health living journey, fun stuff, who I am, etc, that I started a new blog called Middle Age Sprint. Well, enough jibber jabber…thanks for praying.

  35. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Mmmm … Holy Spirit, Did you see what S. Etole wrote? Yes, of course you did! May You stir in the heart of her houseguest. My spirit quickens just thinking about it! I ask also that you bring her relief from her physical troubles. In Jesus' name …

    And Father, Great Provider … Shaunie and her family have endured a long season of financial need. They are tired … Bring them relief from the stress and the burden of uncertainty. In Jesus' name …

    Jesus, Your Word says you are especially close to those who are hurting. Draw near to Chelsea's friends, who have endured a deep and painful loss. In Jesus' name …

    (Dear friends — Your prayers just cut straight through to my heart. Thank you for entrusting me with your deepest hurts. I count it an honor to storm the gates of Heaven with you!)

  36. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus

    Jesus, Our deepest and truest friend … Thank you for the gift of sweet Annie. My heart aches, knowing that she is scared. Surround her with your love and care. Your Word says that Your perfect love casts out all fear. Remove her fear, and replace it with your security. We ask also that the doctors find an answer to her low platelets, and that they also find a solution. In Jesus' name. …

    (Love you Annie … Let me know how it goes, OK?)

  37. Bina


  38. Candice Pendergrass

    I have to admit that I saw this in my inbox and put it on my list of e-mails to check off and read. Now, of course, I'm wishing I would have read it sooner. As I read this, tears are streaming down my face. How amazing is it that all of us who barely know each other are willing to pour our hearts out to each other. I am amazed, thankful, and blessed for that.

    Pleae pray for my husband who has recently decided that he no longer wants to be part of a church family or have anything to do with the "church" way. This has been very hard on our marriage & I'm struggling to understand why this is happening.

  39. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus


    Just … trying to breathe here.

    How I'd love to reach through the screen to wrap arms around you.

    I can pray.
    I will pray, right here…

    Heavenly Father,

    I lift Candice and her husband to you this evening. My heart splits right open over this. Father God, send your Spirit to repair whatever hurts her husband has faced; supernaturally remove any obstacles that have turned him from the church. Prepare a community of Christ-followers to enfold Candice and her husband … that he would not see church as a place
    or a duty
    or an obligation
    or a ritual,
    but as a way to grow closer to his Maker. Give Him a heart that desires You more and more, and that seeks You right within the Body of Christ and the church. Enfold him with your perfect love.

    For the sake of the family,
    for the sake of their marriage,
    and in the mighty name of Jesus,
    I pray …


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