Why We Are Memorizing Scripture as a Family in 2014

January 5, 2014 | 8 comments

“Why do you need to memorize Scripture?” someone asked me once. And maybe it was me, asking myself. “Because if you’ve got a Bible, why do you need to memorize it? You can open up the book and read it. Right?”

But when it’s dark, you can’t read always read the words.

Sometimes, in life, the lights go out, and you can’t make out the words anymore. Maybe you’re in a MRI tube, or stranded at the side of the road, or leaning over the edge of your dad’s hospital bed with tears running down both cheeks, or groping through a really hard time that you don’t even want to say out loud and you don’t have the strength to open the book.

Or maybe, you’re a nine-year-old girl from Iowa, and you’re still a little bit scared after the sun goes down. Maybe it’s that kind of dark.

“Mommy?” she whispered after I turned off her bedroom light last night. “You know our verses that we memorized last week, about not being afraid? They’re my favorite verses now.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, settling back down on the edge of her bed.

“Because last night, I got really scared when it was dark, and so I said the verses out loud: “Fear not, for I am with you. Be not dismayed. For I am your God …”

“And I wasn’t scared of the dark anymore.”

And right then, I wasn’t either.

Two Great Ways to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart in 2014

Our whole family is using the Fighter Verses app for iPhone here. (Available in other formats here.) We memorize one Scripture a month by reading, reciting, quizzing one another, and even singing the song.

We are also joining Ann Voskamp’s #TheJesusProject here, memorizing from The Gospel of John. She has beautiful printouts like these:

Do you memorize Scripture? Any tips or sites to share with us?

by | January 5, 2014 | 8 comments


  1. ro elliott

    Memorizing has always been very hard for me…but when Ann started the memorizing using scripture typer…this was a game changer for me…I am going to check out the app you are using since Ann is doing this differently this year and see which one is easier to use. It was amazing how many times the scriptures I was memorizing helped me have better vision into a situation…how I could encourage others…I am not exactly sure what direction I am going this year…but memorizing will be a apart of this new year!!!

    • dukeslee

      We’re loving the app, as a family. The verses have focused on Fear Not, in the first two weeks. And as the story above suggests, those verses have been much needed and spot-on for where we’re at right now. I hope you find something that works for you, Ro. Did you decide which route?

      Yes to Scripture Typer! Love that.

      Looking forward to memorizing with Ann too.

  2. Michelle DeRusha

    I am memorizing Scripture for the first time ever using Ann’s Jesus Project verses – I printed out the cards last night and started working on the first one this morning. I am excited about this actually – I’ve always been super intimidated by memorization in the past, but I *think* I can do this one!

    • dukeslee

      Those cards are so beautiful, aren’t they? And I think it seems really accessible, for children … for everyone in the family. We’re focusing in on these Fighter Verses, as a family, but I’m going to join the #JesusProject, too. I’ve done Ann’s memorization plans in the past – Colossians and Romans – but have stopped short of completing the whole series. Trying not to guilt myself out, over it. And just jumping in with the new project.

  3. Lisa notes...

    Scripture Typer has been a great help to me, too. I’ve been memorizing chapters the past couple years with the group at Do Not Depart. We have an active Facebook group–“Hide His Word”–open to anybody memorizing any scripture. It helps to encourage each other in this discipline because it’s not always easy. We’ll be starting Isaiah 55 together in a couple of weeks.

    I’ll look forward to watching your family’s progress through the year!

    • dukeslee

      Lisa, I love the idea of the Facebook group. So we can just pop over and “like” the page?

      • Lisa notes...

        Yes, Jennifer. It’s for anybody who wants encouragement in memorizIng scripture. I’m linking your post there this morning. I know it will bless many.

  4. Tina Howard

    Love this. We started this as an Advent project. My girls, ages 3 and 8,
    and I learned Luke 2:1-20 in 25 days. One thing that helped was that I
    created a journal for them (pieces of cardstock cut in half and put onto
    a ring clip. The day number written on one side and the verse we were
    working on on the other), and each day that we memorized a verse they
    illustrated it. We also had lots of hand motions. It was such a blessing
    to our family that we are starting a new memorization project soon.


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