How Being Weird Can Make You Happier

September 15, 2016 | 2 comments

I am always amazed at the tremendous amount of feedback I get whenever I write about being “weird.” I am beginning to think this is why: people need permission to be their truest, fullest selves. Maybe the world has tried to beat the “weird” out of all of us.

Well, I’m writing a bit about “weirdness” over at (in)courage today. Here’s something you might like to know: When you embrace your weird side, you’re actually a happier you! 

Keep it real today, friends. Get your happy on. Stay weird.

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Your Turn: Tell me something that makes you “weird.” 🙂

by | September 15, 2016 | 2 comments


  1. Santjie

    “My inquisitive, wandering, wild mind doesn’t make me weird; it makes me wonderful.” It really is my inquisitive mind that makes me weird…I have really bad eye-sight. Like -11 and -12, so I’m as near-sighted as a mole. BUT without my glasses or contacts I can see stuff normal-sighted people can’t! My eyes work like magnifying glasses – so I seem a little weird, when I’m mesmerized by the minute details of a bug, while holding it up to my nose! Discovering things make me happy…and I don’t mind being weird in order to do so 😉 Besides, I can’t look at the bug properly and watch other people’s facial expressions at the same time…it is either the one or the other.

  2. Ms. Witi

    Just yesterday I picked up my 13 yr. old son from cross country. I got there a little early and saw him and his friends talking in a circle with some of the girl runners too….when he got in the car I said to him, “Were you talking to your girlfriend?”

    His reply, “Mom, you are so weird!!”


    In reality, any time I break out singing a “top 40 song” in my car while driving with any of my kids they immediately start laughing, shaking their head, sing along, or repeat once again…”Mom, you are so weird”.

    LOVE IT!


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