You, the preacher.

You, the kindergarten teacher.

You, the Instagrammer.

You, the grocery store clerk, and the traveling saleswoman, and the grandma.

You are the chroniclers. And we are your people. We are your grocery-store customers, your grandkids, your neighbors, your Facebook friends, your blog readers, the people in your dentist chair, the weary women who get your well-timed greeting cards in their mailboxes.

So give us your poems, and your laments, and your narratives, and your hearts-spilled-out-in-the-living-rooms. Give us your Instagrams and your one-liners and your laugh-til-we-cry mama-confessions. Give us you. We are hungry for more heart in this world.

God is making an extraordinary story, out of your ordinary moments. And the only one who can tell that story?

Is you.


Hey #TellHisStory! I am delighted to have a small part in this.

This here? It’s exactly what we’re about at #TellHisStory. And I am delighted to join the crew over at {in}courage, in inviting you to tell your story. (Click here if you can’t see the video in your email):