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April 14, 2012 | 14 comments


Good people, cheer God! Right-living people sound best
when praising.

Use guitars to reinforce your Hallelujahs! 

— Psalm 33:1-2 (MSG)


In community with Sandra and Deidra today…

by | April 14, 2012 | 14 comments


  1. Michele-Lyn

    Love that! It convicts this heart! My default is to complain, and I want my spontaneous reaction to be PRAISE for He is GOOD!

    • Jennifer@GDWJ

      Yay, for praise! May your Sunday be a praise-filled day. Thanks for being here, Michele-Lyn.

  2. Lyla Lindquist

    Cheer God.

    Trying to decide if I want to hear that as “cheer for God,” like jubilant rejoicing, or if I want to hear it as “cheer God,” as in, make His heart glad.

    Both good choices, I think…

    • Jennifer@GDWJ

      Ooo… Good thinking, Lyla. You’re always stretching me to see more than I first saw.

  3. Sharon O

    Our church uses guitars infact we have an awesome worship team and yes sometimes they are loud but the presence of the Lord is there as I sit with the feeling of the Holy Spirit near my heart. Good ministry moves the spirit of all who sit and listen.

    • Jennifer@GDWJ

      Our pastor plays guitar occasionally, and we have an 80-some-year-old man who will play once in a blue moon. We’re a very small church, on the Iowa countryside.

      This particular guitarist (in the photograph) was our interpreter for a few days while in Haiti. Such fun to hear him sing God’s praises.

      Have a great Sunday, Sharon. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Joanne Norton

    One of my favorite aspects of church is worship… and the variety of instruments is a joyful aspect. My husband is a pianist; the bass and guitar players make me grin; the drummer always makes me know I’m one happy cookie. Rejoicing is one of my favorite parts of the day and my life…

  5. Kris

    What a fantastic message and image! Tis is so awesome, and beautiful! I love this one. Praising Him tonight with you all!

  6. Deidra

    Cheering with you! For Him, at Him, because of HIm! Hallelujah!

  7. Lyli@3dLessons4Life

    Thanks for this reminder that my voice is at its sweetest when I am pointing others to Him. Beautiful!

  8. Shelly Miller

    I think you do this with your online words. You cheer us and praise Him in the joy. So thankful for you Jennifer.

  9. S. Etole

    How wonderful that He inhabits the praises of His people.

  10. Amy Nabors

    Oh I love this verse. Beautiful.


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