I’m with the Band (Now if I Just Knew the Notes!)

January 12, 2011 | 11 comments

This world is God’s gift to playful, daring hearts. But I’ve often convinced myself that I’m getting too old to play. I tell myself I’ll get hurt if I try, or I might embarrass myself.

Or I might fail.

But these days — just shy of my 39th birthday — I’m determined to try anyway, to live more fully, and to laugh right along with them when they laugh at me.

Today, I’m over at The High Calling, telling a new story: “I’m with the Band.”

Here are a couple snapshots as “proof” of our adventure in saying “Yes!” The blonde guy is my favorite farmer, Scott; he’s standing next to our neighbor, Rob. The woman next to me is Trish, the one who roped us into this.

My … we look pretty serious here, don’t we? But we had a lot of fun. You’ll see. Come on over to The High Calling and laugh with us — even at us — for a while.

by | January 12, 2011 | 11 comments


  1. Warren Baldwin

    Looks pretty cool! When will you have an album ready!?

  2. Carol

    That Trish! She is such an encourager. I am happy you found another way to sing and dance and praise! Love you!

  3. Ann Kroeker

    These are priceless!

  4. Joan Davis

    I'm heading over…

  5. jasonS

    Those are great pictures! Loved this post, Jennifer. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Kay @ Off the Beaten Path

    Ooooh! I play the French Horn too! But I haven't played in years. How fun!

  7. Diana

    Your never too old! It would be much worse to look back and say what if? Go ahead and give it all you've got!

    God bless!

  8. Charity Singleton

    Love the new site design! I'm heading over to High Calling, now!

  9. Cherie

    Why,oh why, does age drag fear along with it? You would think the opposite to be true. You would think we would overcome more fears the older we got and that the more spiritually mature and heavenly minded we became the less we would be concerned with the "what ifs" of this world. But somehow it seems that if we don't resolve against it, like you did, the opposite is true.

    Thanks for sharing your story of being fearless. I think it's wonderfully inspiring! I keep imagining the laughter of your band that night and thinking of the freedom of overcoming ridiculous fears!

  10. Graceful

    You are THE cutest! And I read your story over at HCB, and even though I didn't comment (time, time), I loved it, loved it!

  11. Brock S. Henning

    That's great! I'll hop over to THC to read the rest.


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