Five Ways to Love Without Words

September 17, 2015 | 1 comment

Her name is Ceres. She was our exchange student in 1979.

When her year was up, she returned to Brazil. I was left with a broken heart, two stuffed animals, a Snoopy journal, and a hope that I would someday see her again.

Last Wednesday night, part of my heart walked in through the door of my home — 36 years later.

Ceres came back.

Today, I am writing for incourage about how a sister relationship grew between a first grader from Iowa and a teenager from Brazil. Language was a huge barrier, but we learned early on that “love needs no translation.”

Maybe those are helpful words for you today if you’re trying to navigate a tough relationship.

Some of you have a moody teenager who can’t hear you anymore when you say “I love you.”

Some of you are in a marriage where you’ve literally lost that loving feeling.

Some of you don’t know how to show love to the prickly, hard-to-love people in your life.

Or maybe someone has moved into your community recently who doesn’t know the language of your land, but — like all of us — needs to know they’re loved.

Here’s what I am re-learning this week about love that needs no translation. Click here for the rest of this story, over at (in)courage. I pray it encourages you if you’re struggling in a relationship where love is getting lost in translation.

Click here, to read “Five Ways to Love Without Words.” 

by | September 17, 2015 | 1 comment

1 Comment

  1. Lux @ About Life and Love

    Love can be expressed in many ways. It’s the best feeling ever.
    Clicking to read. 🙂


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