Before It’s Over

November 12, 2010 | 15 comments

You forgot to pay the electric bill. Someone left the milk out overnight. You missed a deadline, and your son missed the bus.

Heartbeat elevates, and nerves stand on edge.

You’re a wee bit angry at the world … and at the kids … but mostly at yourself.

You’ve been overmatched by your to-do list, overloaded by your boss, overextended at church, and overlooked by a friend.

You’re feeling overwrought, overrun,
overshadowed, overstrung.

It’s been a bad day, huh? And you just want it to be … over.

Yeah, I’ve been there.

The Bible didn’t say we couldn’t be angry.
But it does say to let the anger slip away,
before the sun slips out of sight.

Before the day is
over …
could we hand the hurt and anger

“Be angry, and yet …
do not sin.
Do not let the sun go down on your anger.”
— Ephesians 4:26

by | November 12, 2010 | 15 comments


  1. Lyla Lindquist

    This, you posted at 12:01. (I trust it was coincidental. But smiling here nonetheless.)

    Praying you share a heart with Brother Andrew as you mingle with the pots and pans and…pots this weekend, my friend.

  2. RCUBEs

    It's not good to be so angry for a long time that we lose the discretion to respond with the right things/words to do and say. He is after all the Greatest Example of Someone Who is slow to angry. If not, we would have been perished by now. Blessings to you.

  3. The Soap Sister

    Ah, what a lovely and wise reminder! Thanks Jennifer. 🙂

  4. Shaunie Friday @ Up the Sunbeam

    Such a beautiful and sympathetic reminder–thank you!

  5. S. Etole

    Beautiful ending to the day photo and thoughts.

  6. Stephani

    I so needed this today.

  7. Runner Mom

    Love those words and love that photo!!

    OK, I just mapquested Mauldin, SC to DesMoines, IA. I am ONLY 1000 miles away! Just 16 hours of driving!(I would fly!!) And, I saw where you have a great marathon! Iowa is one of the states that we have not done, chickadee! So, in the next few years, I WILL be calling on you to lace up those shoes and run with me down your streets! Only… if I can go back to your house and enjoy a home cooked meal afterwards!!!And, meet your precious family! I want to photograph the beauty I see in your neck of the woods!! How fun would that be??

    Have a gret weekend, sweet friend!
    **Are you on Facebook? That would be great!

  8. Melissa Campbell

    Joy comes in the morning. 🙂

    God has been showing how when I blow it, majorly sometimes, He is there, slow and steady, holding, leading, loving me, and that I have been way too hard on myself (and others.) He's all about grace and forgiveness, and that's where we need to learn to rest. Thank you for this beautiful photo and post!

  9. Beth E.

    So true, Jennifer…AMEN!

  10. David Rupert

    Jennifer. I was just getting ready to go to bed and I read this. Now I have to make a phone call!

    Thanks . I think :O

  11. Donna

    Truth clearly communicated in this post. Thank you for writing…

  12. A Simple Country Girl

    Indeed, let the anger slip…


  13. Jennifer

    Love that photo…and the reminder.

  14. David Rupert

    That anger certainly doesnt get better if left unresolved. I've been working on not going to bed "hurt," since that is a close leap to anger.

    So I pray. I walk. I breath. I forgive. And it works….

  15. KEE

    I've been reading through your posts dear friend. I'm semi back in the blogging world.
    This one really hit me. I'm angry and don't know how to let it go. I'm angry at the world and angry at God. My mom is gone and I truly believed He would not take her because she was all I had left of the family I grew up with.
    I don't know how to get past this, I could use your prayers right now. The Holiday season is hitting us really hard, she will be gone 3 months on Nov. 30.


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