Beds, Part II

November 30, 2008 | 12 comments

Last week, I wrote a piece on thankfulness entitled, Beds.

Here’s an addendum:

In the Lee house, we have begun to dig through cardboard boxes and Rubbermaid containers, rescuing tinsel and greenery from year-long nests. We had considered keeping the decorations boxed this year — all but the Christmas tree — thinking we needed to simplify. To focus on the basics.

But we gave in when two little girls begged to dig for pine-scented treasure, wrapped in old newspapers.

They gasped in awe with the re-discovery of each piece: a big red bow here, a strand of gold beads there. It was as if each item, boxed for so long, were brand-new when unearthed a year later.

I ran my fingers over forgotten ornaments made in kindergarten and Sunday School class. Lydia laughed at the photo of herself, as an infant, wearing a miniature Santa suit.

Anna was the first to find the most precious treasure, the one that quickens the heart in this, our time of expectant waiting: Advent.

Anna held the two-inch baby Jesus, between chubby fingers, and lay him carefully in his manger.

“Look, Mommy,” she whispered, “here’s the baby Jesus. I will put him in his dream bed.”

A dream bed.

Anna had forgotten the word: manger. Just as I’d forgotten the treasure trove in these dusty boxes, Anna could not remember the word for Jesus’ first earthly bed. Frankly, we have rarely uttered the word “manger” since last Christmas. Our God-talk has centered on the cross, an empty tomb, Pentecost, and most recently, the story of Creation. We speak daily of His blessings, and the grown-up Jesus who lives in our hearts — but not the baby in the manger.

Anna looked up at me as soon as she’d said the words — dream bed — with the realization that she’d likely mispoken.

“What’s the right word, Mommy?” she asked.

“It’s called a manger, honey,” I told her, “but I think ‘dream bed’ is perfect. From now on, let’s call it a dream bed, OK?”

The Occupier of the Dream Bed is, after all, the One on whom our dreams are centered … the One on whom we wait to fulfill a hope for something more.

The Baby in the Dream Bed; the Fulfiller of Dreams.

We wait, expectantly.

by | November 30, 2008 | 12 comments


  1. Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi)

    “Dream Bed.” I love it.

  2. Chris Godfredsen

    Yes we do! I love your girls and their undertanding of who Jesus it. I also love how you tie them into meaningful devotionals – I mean “blogs.”

    Waiting for your devotional book to hit bookstores!

  3. Chris Godfredsen

    Yes we do! I love your girls and their undertanding of who Jesus it. I also love how you tie them into meaningful devotionals – I mean “blogs.”

    Waiting for your devotional book to hit bookstores!

  4. Jesse and Sarah

    What a precious treasure Anna found! And how perfect to rename His bed ‘dream’ bed! That matches Him just so.

    Yes, we had a good thanksgiving. Thank you for asking.
    I tried to email you but it blocked me….I’m not sure why.

    My sister, Mary, asked me if i could find a way to go with her to women’s retreat in February. I’m really hoping it’s possible but I’m not sure as of now. I’m praying that God will provide a way and for someone to be open to watching the kiddo’s. I haven’t been to a retreat in many, many years, so I am well overdue for one.

    Enjoy and have fun decorating today while your hubby is napping. That is such an awesome bonding time with your girls!

  5. Lori

    What a beautiful thought. Jesus is our dreammaker. Without him we’d all be living our worst nightmare. Thanks for the reminder of the real reason for the season.

  6. Carol

    You always have such a neat way of saying things…..and your children are adorable. Love, Carol

  7. Billy Coffey

    Your daughter has the makings of a fine writer one day. “Dream bed.” Wonderful. We’re going to have to start using that in our house.

  8. lynnrush

    I’m so loving that “dream bed” what a great way to look at it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. patty

    what a beautiful picture “dream bed” conjures up. Thank you, yet again, Jennifer. Be Blessed today~

  10. Chrissy

    blessings to you and the girls (and your hubby!) this advent season. I put up our nativity yesterday and was blessed to see my baby Jesus in his dream bed, and all the other treasures hidden away. It truly is new and wonderful each and every year to bring out the decorations, and to wait for the celebration day.

  11. Darlene

    beautiful. Yes, He is our Hope and the fulfiller of dreams we have yet to dream or imagine!

    We have the same baby Jesus for our nativity set. Ours is removable, so our Advent tradition is to hide baby Jesus to build anticipation for our little ones. (Ok, how blasphemous is it that baby Jesus is cooped up in a buffet silverware drawer??).

    Anticipating Him,

  12. the voice of melody

    Dream bed… how cute!



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