An Invitation to Bloggers: Keeping the Sabbath (A community writing project at The High Calling)

May 8, 2014 | 0 comments

On a humid August night in 2008, I published my first blog post, from a laptop at my kitchen table. It was a simple, tender reflection about the Emmaus travelers.

The moon rose behind me while I tapped out these words: “Like an unexpected Jesus on a dusty road to Emmaus, the risen Christ is walking alongside me.”

I hit “publish,” rocketing those words out into the yawning abyss known as the Internet.

My inaugural online essay was hardly an act of literary genius. But I was giddy with expectation. Visions of enraptured readers danced in my head.

But I was promptly greeted with the faint sound of … crickets.

A few days later, I knocked out another meager offering for the online world.

This time? Lo, the deafening echo.

I longed for people to replace crickets. Sure, I wanted readers, but I also wanted community—a place to belong out in this vast, digital canyon.

My search led me to The High Calling, a place where other writers and artists and thought leaders were gathering to discuss issues of calling and faith.

And I invite you to join me over there, to tell you about a new writing project being hosted by The High Calling. Click here for details! 

by | May 8, 2014 | 0 comments


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