All Together Now: Al-le-loooo-yaaaaah!

July 20, 2013 | 14 comments

Whew! It’s the weekend. For some of you, it took sheer determination to make it this far. For others? It was a banner week.

Isn’t it a relief to know, that good or bad, God is still God, and His name is greatly to be praised?

So on the count of three, let’s say it together: “Al-le-loooo-yaaaaah!”

(Oh that felt good.)


iowa sunset, psalm 113:3, rising of the sun

by | July 20, 2013 | 14 comments


  1. Kris Camealy

    Love it!! I pray you have a fantastic weekend! My weekend post is also about the hallalujah’s of daily living 😉 xxoo

  2. Yvonne Eele

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have been subscribed to your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it each time. I have really been thinking about gratitude last sly and how thankful I am that God found me where I was at last year to make me aware of all I was overlooking, His love for me and his sacrifice. Now as a new Christian, I stumble around not knowing all the answers or for that matter the questions, but I always I know that God’s right hand will never leave me, His Spirit will guide me, and Jesus will always love me.

  3. Mindy

    Love this – and happy to worship with you!

  4. Lynn Morrissey

    Just got back from England and Scotland, Miss Jennifer, and oh the alleluias that I heard as boys choirs sang to the glory of God in magnificent cathedrals, arched high to the heavens. And I even got to sing in the quire with the St. Paul’s Cathedral Boys Choir–right next to them (in London)!!!!!!! To God be the glory for praises sung to Him. Alleluia indeed!!! Love you, dear lady in the Lord!

  5. S. Etole

    Terrific photo and verse.

  6. annamlee

    Hi mom I like the picture 🙂

  7. marty


  8. Holly Barrett

    Love your photo! And what a great verse to go along with it. Thanks for the reminder to always be in praise.

  9. Rona B

    Just stopping by for a visit from Jumping Tandem’s Sunday blog hop.
    What a wonderful post.
    Happy Sunday.


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