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Tuesday 6th March 2012

The Meaning of Success

She’s wanted to be a poet, an architect, a missionary, a pet-hotel owner. Which has us all talking about what “success” really means in God’s kingdom. In a culture that defines success by the size of your 401(k), your cubicle and your paycheck, how does the Christ-follower keep perspective?

Will you follow me over to The High Calling today to read our story and to contribute to the discussion? We value your thoughts.


It’s God-Bumps & God-Incidences Day here at Getting Down With Jesus. The “success story” at The High Calling is my God-Bumps & God-Incidences contribution today. As always, I look forward to reading your stories. I am energized by the ways that God “shows up” in all of our lives. Let’s keep telling our stories, OK? We’re honoring His great name when we speak of the God-Things.


To participate:

1 — Write a post about the God-Things that make you go Hmmmm….

2 — Add a button, found here.

3 — Link the URL for your post in the linky.

  • Although I’ve been visiting for months, this is my first week linking up. What a blessing! Thank you for the opportunity.

    and “Success isn’t upward mobility; it’s bowed-low humility”
    yes. that. Thank you for that.

    All for Him,

  • I wish I knew how to get started on linking up – I’m just a beginner, so small steps….but I always read your Wednesday God-Bumps and they always make me go ‘oooohh!’ 🙂

    • Deborah … I’d be happy to help you. IF you have a specific link, drop it here in the comment box, I can add it to the linky for you.

  • I’m new here. Your place is lovely. God honoring and lovely.

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