On Common Beauty

March 8, 2012 | 13 comments





“The sun … in its full glory, either at rising or setting — this, and many other like blessings we enjoy daily … because they are so common, most men forget to pay their praises. But let us not.”
~ Izaak Walton


“If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in nature and will realize that it is holy and sacred. We will see God reaching out to us in every wind that blows, every sunrise and sunset, every cloud in the sky, every flower that blooms, and every leaf that fades.”

~ Oswald Chambers



Have a great weekend, and enjoy your view. You have box-seats to God’s Beauty, wherever you are.

by | March 8, 2012 | 13 comments


  1. Ruthie

    Thank you for the encouragement! Have a great weekend as well. 🙂

  2. Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    I LOVE this, Jennifer. I’m probably going to borrow one of those quotes. Just the other day we were coming home from the west coast (of Florida) and in the car’s sideview mirror I could see that the setting sun was a.ma.zing…and praise welled up inside of me and I thought…”to think that happens every single day, and we just go about our ordinary business ignoring such splendor in our midst.”

    Have a beautiful day, beautiful friend.

  3. Kim

    Beautiful images and a powerful reminder to not take the beauty of God’s creation for granted. Happy Weekend, Jennifer!

  4. Mrs T

    Your post is so close to what I have been thinking this morning. God is great!

  5. Beth Herring

    Beautiful post my friend and just what I needed today!

  6. davis

    it’s like a beautiful stained glass window.

  7. Lori

    I love it….box seats to God’s beauty, I love it! Lori

  8. Sherrey Meyer

    I love the collage of photos, the quotes, the whole of God’s creation felt in this one post. Amazing, Jennifer!

  9. Diane Bailey

    Beautiful pictures Jennifer. Love, ” you have box seats”. So true.

  10. Missy

    I love just sitting and enjoying God’s beauty. I haven’t done it for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Tasneem

    Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Amy Sullivan

    Beautifully arranged pictures that highlight the beauty in the common things. The tree blowing in the wind, the way my girls’ room glows at night, stars popping from the sky. All ordinary, but all striking.


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