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I’m Jennifer — wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, new book author. I believe in you, because I believe in Jesus. You matter to Him, and you matter to me. more »

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Tuesday 16th June 2015

#TellHisStory: Your Sacred Yes

#TellHisStory: Your Sacred Yes

Her braces needed tightening, so we drove to the city. It still takes me by surprise when she sits in the front passenger seat beside me. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was buckling her into a rear-facing car seat? All the things about getting older have been coming true. I see her out of the ...

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Wednesday 10th June 2015

The Principle of Good Enough

Good enough, perfectionism

So then one day, I lived a perfectionist’s worst nightmare. And it all happened on live radio. It might have been the best thing that happened to me. You can read about it over here, at (in)courage. (I’ll be the one hiding under the desk. Not. Even. Kidding.) Read “The Principle of ...

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Tuesday 9th June 2015

#TellHisStory: The First Step To Authentic Friendship

#TellHisStory: The First Step To Authentic Friendship

She had a choice to make. The girl had brought her “lovie” to our house for a sleepover we hosted in honor of our youngest daughter’s birthday. But that girl’s lovie was still hiding in her duffel bag. Her choice: Would she unpack her lovie when she needed it, or would ...

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Thursday 4th June 2015

When Friendship Tangles our Heart

Few things can knot up our confidence like the hurt received from another woman. Let's not be tangle-makers.

When Friendship Tangles our Heart By Carey Scott Weeks had gone by and she still hadn’t called. An argument years earlier changed our friendship, moving it from familiar to strained with one unforeseen moment. We rarely disagreed, but this one shook the foundation. Our relationship hasn’t been ...

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Tuesday 2nd June 2015

#TellHisStory: When Love is a Risk


There’s no such thing as risk-free love. The risk of love is loss. The risk of love is having your heart broken. The more your heart enlarges for the ones you love, the harder the break when you lose it. But there is an even greater risk than love. It’s deciding not to love at all. I […]

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