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I’m Jennifer — wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, new book author. I believe in you, because I believe in Jesus. You matter to Him, and you matter to me. more »

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Friday 17th July 2015

What We Need to Know When Life Takes a Detour

What We Need to Know When Life Takes a Detour

  Some of you are on a life journey that isn’t making sense. You had it all worked out, but in one skinny minute, the plan unraveled. Because you’re an optimist, you hoped for the best. Then things cruelly turned from bad to worse. Maybe today you’re at a fork in the road or stuck […]

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Tuesday 14th July 2015

#TellHisStory: What It Really Means to Have Compassion

Struggling Girl, Sudan, Kevin Carter

The museum was closing in half an hour, and I knew we wouldn’t want to miss the Pulitzer Prize Photography Gallery on the first floor. The gallery includes prints of every Pulitzer-Prize winning photograph taken since 1942. We moved slowly along the wall, lingering at each image, all of ...

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Wednesday 8th July 2015

your personal summer reset

your personal summer reset

Once upon a time, I was in a collision on an Iowa highway. That morning, while the red lights of an ambulance spun outside my windshield, never once did I think about all the stuff that occupies far too much of my everyday thought life: What if I fail today? Do people care what I […]

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Tuesday 7th July 2015

#TellHisStory: Let There Be Peace on Facebook

mother teresa, peace

Anna and I sat on a long bench on the end of a dock, while the sun slid down the back side of the day. If I could have taken a sip of the sky, it would have tasted like an orange smoothie. Anna swung her legs, and they brushed back and forth against mine. […]

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Tuesday 30th June 2015

#TellHisStory: When You’re Going Through a Storm


It was the year 2000. A Friday morning. My newspaper editor had called. “Jennifer. How quickly can you get to northeast Iowa? More than a dozen twisters went through.” I fumbled for my glasses. Slipped on blue jeans and tennis shoes. I kissed my husband goodbye, and grabbed a stack of ...

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