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I’m Jennifer — wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, new book author. I believe in you, because I believe in Jesus. You matter to Him, and you matter to me. more »

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Tuesday 19th January 2016

What’s Broken is Not Beyond Repair — #TellHisStory

What's Broken is Not Beyond Repair -- #TellHisStory

One of the things that irritates me most is my tendency to suffer from spiritual regression. If you see me talking about “re-remembering what I re-forgot,” you know that I’m recovering, once again, from spiritual regression. It happened again the other day when, in a group of ...

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Friday 15th January 2016

For Anyone Who Has Lost Faith

2 timothy 2:13

The darkest time of my life happened when I lost all faith. I did not believe. If there was a God, I didn’t trust him. Because it felt like He had left this sorry world to figure out stuff on our own. My way back to faith is not a tidy one. It is tear-stained, riddled with […]

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Tuesday 12th January 2016

The Greatest Risk – #TellHisStory

The Greatest Risk - #TellHisStory

I don’t know about you, but all of the best things in my life have had fear as a steady companion. I’ve been terrified to apply for jobs, to join exercise classes, to write books, to have hard conversations. I’ve been terrified of childbirth. Of falling in love. There are always good reasons ...

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Thursday 7th January 2016

How to Build Your Dream House

How to Build Your Dream House

Dear House-Builder, This is the letter I would have written to you eleven years ago, when you started framing up the walls of our home, if I knew then what I know now. Remember how I fussed over whether to lay tile or wood floors, whether to paint the kitchen that dark Georgia brick, or […]

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