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Tuesday 20th September 2016

what we all need to know when the storms come – #tellhisstory

what we all need to know when the storms come - #tellhisstory

Hi. This is the version of me who ran through a literal storm last week. In this picture, I am clearly and completely soaked, as if I had jumped into the lake that I was walking around. But I didn’t jump in the lake. The skies opened, and out poured a storm. When it hit, […]

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Monday 16th May 2016

A Monday Manifesto for the Battle-Weary

A Monday Manifesto for the Battle-Weary

Like some of you, I step into this week feeling fragile. Like you, I am carrying heavy demands and hurt feelings. But before I take one step ahead, into this week ahead, I will need to let go of ALL of that, by giving it to God. A Monday Manifesto for the week ahead (say […]

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Thursday 7th April 2016

no matter what you’re going through, God’s love is deeper still

no matter what you're going through, God's love is deeper still

I visited a place recently from my past. When I walked through the door, memories flooded my mind. I immediately felt a sense of shame and condemnation, even though the faded memories were from half a lifetime ago! Shame wrapped itself around me, like an icy blanket. And for a moment, I forget ...

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Tuesday 29th September 2015

the extravagant invitation we’ve all been waiting for — #TellHisStory

your mess

So, I’ve been having this dream. And in the dream, there’s a long table stretching out under an open sky. The heavens are coated with stars, so many that we don’t need to light the ivory tapers that someone twisted into those crystal holders. The table is covered in a white cloth that blows in ...

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Tuesday 22nd September 2015

If Life Has Thrown You a Curveball, Read This. (#TellHisStory)

If Life Has Thrown You a Curveball, Read This. (#TellHisStory)

I spent the weekend with a few dozen women at a retreat in central Iowa. I led three sessions, but also had a lot of time to sit one-on-one with my new sisters, praying with them and hearing their stories. Over and over, I heard the same theme through their tears: “I never ...

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