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Tuesday 31st January 2017

What To Do When You Can’t Agree With the People You Love

What To Do When You Can't Agree With the People You Love

So I’m going to tell it to you plainly, and I’ll start with a visual representation of the polarizing tension that most of us are living in right now. This is a political sign for Trump, with a not-so-subtle protest affixed to it. The sign probably represents the tension in your ...

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Wednesday 16th March 2016

words of hope for this volatile time we’re in

words of hope for this volatile time we're in

It’s messy out there, isn’t it? People are arguing. Politicians are lobbing insults. Fights are breaking out. It’s not pretty, friends. In times like these, I am reminded of what Fred Rogers’ mama used to tell him when the news made him scared or sad. “Look for the ...

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Thursday 15th October 2015

How to Leave an Unforgettable Legacy

kindness, inheritance

The words popped into my inbox at precisely the right time: “Jennifer, I’m writing to let you know that God delights in you.” The note came from Dave. He was a pastor who lived about a half-hour from our farm. Over the years, he had become a dear friend to my husband and me. Dave […]

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Friday 2nd October 2015

The Best Football Play of the Year — Guaranteed to Make You Smile

football game, prayer

Thousands of high schoolers will return to the gridiron tonight, but the best football play of the year happened last Friday night on a field not too far from our house. I wouldn’t have known about it, except that our friend Dan LaRock posted this photo on his Facebook page. Take a close ...

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Saturday 29th August 2015

The One Phrase We All Need To Eliminate From Our Vocabulary

The One Phrase We All Need To Eliminate From Our Vocabulary

In the body of Christ, do you ever feel like an eyelash or a toenail, while your friends are biceps or legs? That’s what it was like for my friend, who serves as a school janitor. Exhausted from the extra work, she called me the other day, wondering what worth her work held. To her, it ...

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Tuesday 7th July 2015

#TellHisStory: Let There Be Peace on Facebook

mother teresa, peace

Anna and I sat on a long bench on the end of a dock, while the sun slid down the back side of the day. If I could have taken a sip of the sky, it would have tasted like an orange smoothie. Anna swung her legs, and they brushed back and forth against mine. […]

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Tuesday 24th March 2015

#TellHisStory: What Kara Tippetts Taught Us About Living Our Story

#TellHisStory: What Kara Tippetts Taught Us About Living Our Story

In the end, each of us is a story. And hers read like a prequel — the back-story to the real story that was already written for her, before time began. Maybe you’ve read her story by now, the story of Kara Tippetts, who taught us all how to live well and die well. She lived the […]

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Tuesday 10th February 2015

#TellHisStory: I Saw You, Jesus

Roses, Jesus

I saw You, Jesus. You were in the back pew, with Your sad eyes, and Your two boys who wouldn’t sit still. Their dad was home, asleep on the couch. I saw You. You were in the corner of the conference-room hall. You were praying that someone might save a spot for You at a table. You were […]

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