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September 25, 2014 | 8 comments

I set a single word on the mantel: PreApproved.

That word is the focal point of our living room –right in the very center of our home.

The word — PreApproved — has become a way of centering our family. It’s a word we need to memorize in our hearts before we head out into all the places of this world where we are tempted to “prove” ourselves.

This has been our battle cry: We are PreApproved. We have nothing to prove.

I need to know I’m PreApproved before I sit down to write a single word in a book

or a blog post. I need to know I’m already approved by God if I’m tempted to let reviewers or rankings define my worth — whether those reviews are flattering or negative. Our children need to know they are preappoved when they bring home midterm reports, when they step onto volleyball courts, when they try out for school plays and honor choir. We need to know we’re PreApproved and loved by God, when we are in desperate need of a do-over.

Sure, we are here on earth to live with excellence, and to do our very best. But we are not made to prove anything. God has already done all hard work of proving and approving. Visit the cross to see just how much.

Words matter.

They can pierce us, inspire us, motivate us or tear us down.

They can be weapons or balms.

Words can hurt us. Or they can save us.

The words we use to describe ourselves begin to change us on the inside.

When we change our words, we change our hearts. And when we change our hearts, we can change our world.

Solomon said it like this: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

What we think of ourselves — and what we say to ourselves — can make us or break us.

What word do you need to hear today?

Be kind to yourselves, good people.

Speak kind words over yourselves. Pick the words that make you more of who God created you to be: beautiful, remarkable, one-of-a-kind people made by God to shine His light into a broken world.


Letterpress Blocks
A new product by Dayspring and (in)courage

I am pleased to share with you Dayspring’s new Letterpress blocks, found here.

Or skip the pre-made words, and head straight over here to create your own set of letterpress blocks. I am loving the new letterpress blocks on my mantle. This interface helps you drag and drop the letters to see what your word will look like before you order it.


I played around with the interface today.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.24.18 AM


I couldn’t resist. 🙂



What word does your heart need to hear today? Do you have adopted a “one word?” Share in the comments!



by | September 25, 2014 | 8 comments


  1. marthaorlando

    We have the block letters which spell “home” on our fireplace mantle. It always reminds me that home is where the heart is. I love my cozy, welcoming house, but knowing our permanent home is already pre-approved by God and waiting for us when we enter the room prepared, our hearts will, indeed, at last be home.
    Blessings, Jennifer!

  2. Lori Alexander

    FREE…free from sin, free from the wrath to come, free in Christ!

  3. Lynn Morrissey

    I don’t have block letters, though they are decidedly lovely and powerful. But I do have Manuscriptures, the elegant artwork of calligraphist Jonathan Blocher. Seeing God’s Word on our walls is strengthening, and these are beautifully, artistically rendered. http://www.manuscriptures.com/ My one word this year is BEGINNING. And He i s my beginning and my end and my all in all.

    Love you, Jennifer.


  4. Monica Sharman

    Maybe I’ll go over there and see what “Help!” looks like. 😉

  5. Jody Ohlsen Collins

    My word this year is ‘Anchor’, as in, Jesus is my Anchor, because He keeps calling me back. And ‘Preapproved’ the word that won’t go away…….. Smile. It’s not a ‘once and done’ kinda thing, I’m finding. It’s a rest=of-your-life reminder kinda thing. I am preapproved…..Thanks for the reminders.

  6. Sharon Brobst

    This is so true “When we change our words, we change our hearts.”

    I always felt unlovable, but when I realized God called me His Beloved it changed everything.

    Beloved is the word God spoke to me, it’s the word I often repeat to myself when I begin to hear the old lies of being unlovable. I love how God gives us words of truth to speak over the lies we so often believe.

  7. Becky Keife

    I fell in love with these letters when I saw them on display this summer at Declare!

    I love that you have Preapproved so prominently displayed. Because we get soul amnesia, right? Even when we know beyond knowing, somehow our hearts and minds still desperately need to be reminded of the truth!

    I’d love to get the letters A-W-A-K-E-N. Because I need to constant reminder to awaken to God’s daily wonder and grace.

  8. Lovelle Ellen Gerth

    This was such a great reminder that I really needed. As a natural born “people pleaser” I often forget that I am not made to please man. I am made to please God. God say’s I am good enough and as long as I am trying my best that is enough. Thank you for this.
    ~Lovelle from DaySpring



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