When Our PreApproved Message Reaches Mamas in Haiti

April 25, 2014 | 4 comments

They’re noble and brave, these women who walk dirt paths every morning, shuffling tiny humans off to school. The rooster crows, and the mamas pray while they hang wet laundry from lines tied to branches.

A stray dog barks, and the sweat begins to bead on the backs of these women, bent over work-worn Bibles.

Life pushes hard against their prayers, and they push back harder — these warriors who mother. They are us. They are in Haiti, but they are us.

They do Jesus work.

They shape little souls, and tie little shoes.

They are sisters who laugh with each other, and sometimes at each other, because good friends can do that.

They don’t go to Target, but they walk the dirt path to that little tin-roofed shack where you can buy Coke in a glass bottle.

They save what money they can, to rebuild broken dreams.

They cry with each other. Because real friends do that, too.

Yeah. They cry. And they pray, like they do every day with Viola, who had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. They gather around her, hand in hand, and they pray hard for that hollow space on her insides.

They also pray for Judaline, because her mama-arms are empty now. Little Rosie died, two weeks after she started walking, right before Christmas from pneumonia. And they stood with Judaline when she couldn’t stand at all.

And they celebrate each other. Like this week, when Leszenska’s daughter is graduating preschool, and they celebrate because mama’s got the money to send her girl to school and to buy her a new white dress for graduation.

They. Are. Us. 

They are women who love Jesus, and who love their babies, and who despise the suffering around them. They are women who want to drop a few more coins in the church offering plate, and who want to love their neighbors better, and who do their daily work to the best of their God-given ability, and who are learning every day how to lean harder into the grace of our God.

And they want to reflect who they really are, in Christ. They want to know the deep, deep love of Jesus, who declares them PreApproved.

These are the women (and one man — hello Gerard!) — of ViBella Jewelry.

And today, these amazing artisans join me in inviting you to a part of their brave and beautiful work in Haiti.

You are PreApproved for a “Vi Bella” Life in Christ

The artists of ViBella have been creating something very special for you.

They have heard the message of Love Idol during their morning devotions, and they want you to know that you are PreApproved for a beautiful life in Christ. (Vi Bella means beautiful life.)

Look what they’ve been up to.

{Heart swoon!}


They have been busy making Jennifer, Lydia and Anna sets, just in time for Mother’s Day!

(I’m soooo loving the mirror charm on the Jennifer necklace! The girls adore the cross earrings.)

Why it Matters

Meet Fredane.

Having a steady, well-paid job gives her hope, but more importantly, it restores her dignity. She works hard and is proud of the jewelry she makes. Fredane tells us: “I have been able to repair the damage the earthquake did to my house.” As an artisan for Vi Bella, she is transforming her own life, her community and the world.

Fredane has a preapproved, beautiful life.

And she wants to share it with you. With all of us.

PreApproved Jewelry Sets for Mother’s Day

Will you join us?

Consider purchasing these beautiful, commemorative PreApproved Jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or sets for all the mamas and grandmas and daughters in your life.

Buy the mom set alone, or pair the mom and daughter jewelry sets to remind you and your girls of your preapproved, beautiful lives. 

beautiful mother's day gifts

All proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will benefit the artisans of Vi Bella. (Vi Bella is also selling signed copies of my book, Love Idol, as a part of this promotion, but I will not financially benefit from any part of this effort, including any book sales made through Vi Bella. All profits will return to the artisans and the ministry.)

My girls and I have stood on the dirt roads of their villages, and every time we say goodbye, we cry as we stand in the circle and pray together. We invite you into the circle, with these women who are brave and beautiful.

These women are us.
And they need us.


Photo above includes a quote from
the Haitian Hallelujah chapter of Love Idol.


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All photos taken by Dale Vande Griend. Used with permission.

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    • dukeslee

      It made my heart melt. Thanks for commenting, Melanie.

  1. Megan Willome

    Jennifer, this is so beautiful! It makes me so happy. I know you’re singing Alelouya.

    • dukeslee

      It’s been pretty cool to watch this unfold. Thanks for your comment, Megan.


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