What It Really Means To Be Cross-Eyed (They’re Gonna Stick!)

August 13, 2010 | 20 comments

Mom always told me that if I held my eyes like that too long, they’d stick.

But when it comes to my spiritual sight, I want my eyes to be permanently stuck. I am fixing my focus on the Father. I am casting my gaze on the crimson-stained cross of Calvary. A friend of mine says a person who sees the world like that is really just “cross-eyed.”

That’s a condition I need. I yearn for a chronic case of spiritual strabismus. Incurable. Untreatable. Irreparable. Terminal.

I’m going to look at all things through the lens of the cross today, and I pray my eyes stay that way.

I want to see my world, my pain, my joy, my screw-ups, my works, my desires, my broken plans, my calling, my redemption and my inevitable death through one thing: the marvelous, scandalous cross of Christ.

“May I never boast except in the cross
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
through which the world has been crucified
to me, and I to the world.”

— Galatians 6:14

by | August 13, 2010 | 20 comments


  1. Julie

    Amen, Jennifer! Thank you for being such an encouragement!

    Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to keep your eyes crossed!


  2. HisFireFly

    I'm with you Jennifer.. let us fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith.. Him and Him only!

  3. Linda

    Yes Jennifer. I join your prayer with one of my own. I have prayed for eyes to see others as He sees them, but eyes that see through the prism of the cross. Yes, I need those eyes.

  4. LisaShaw

    Oh Amen Jennifer!!!

    Your words suddenly drew me to tears! Big ones. I had to blow my nose before I could even respond…

    This says it all for me…
    "I want to see my world, my pain, my joy, my screw-ups, my works, my desires, my broken plans, my calling, my redemption and my inevitable death through one thing: the marvelous, scandalous cross of Christ."

    I so love the LORD and all HE's done and is doing for us even now…

    Thank you for this beautiful and humbling sharing.

    I pray that all is well with you and your family. Much love!

  5. Tony C

    I think I'll join you!

    Thanks for this post Jennifer. It will be my devotion today.

    Have a great weekend with God all over it and crossed eyes!

  6. Lyla Lindquist

    The other day, I thought you were the most cross-eyed person I know. (Really.)

    But then I saw that picture of Lydia.

    Kind of a toss-up now.

    This is absolutely perfect, you know.

  7. A Simple Country Girl

    Cross-eyed. I never would have thought of it your way/His way if you hadn't shared. Thank you.

    And the blowing it of yesterday's post, isn't is amazing the things we find when we take to our knees alongside our children? It is humbling indeed, but worth all the gravel in our knees for our kids to see our redemption through cross-focused eyes.


  8. Scott Couchenour

    Wow, that's a great post (with a great song to punch home the point.)

    I absolutely LOVE this!

  9. jasonS

    Great thoughts, Jennifer. I have thought of this term before like this, but you expounded on it beautifully! I want it to be permanent as well.

  10. RCUBEs

    Spiritual strabismus? Something I didn't learn in nursing school. Wish they taught about that!!!

    I have seen your post earlier but visiting you now just amazes me how the Lord truly makes everything happens in His perfect timing! Glory to God! This brought me comfort! Thank you! God bless you and have a great weekend.

  11. Charity Singleton

    What a cute picture of your cross-eyed little one. That image is going to stay with me as I try to keep the main thing the main thing.

  12. Karen

    Now I just love this…I will never think of the word "cross-eyed" the same again….

  13. Anne Lang Bundy

    Thank you for this. Not only does it encourage me to be unapologetically and fanatically on fire with faith, but it's a wonderful explaination for my daughter, for whom surgery corrected almost entirely her strabismus. The residual amount she has left can be a wonderful reminder to us both.

  14. Amy Sullivan

    Looking at things through the lens of the cross is a difficult challenge. I'm not sure I could truly make it a day with this kind of thinking. Hmmm, what does that say?

  15. Angie Vik

    Love this concept of being "cross-eyed." I'm always encouraged by your God-honoring heart. Have a great weekend.

  16. Barbie

    Stopping over from "Dance and Be Glad". You have a lovely blog!

  17. Debra

    Awesome! My goal, intention and sentiments exactly!

  18. Beth E.

    I love the play on words. Cross-eyed is how I want to live, too!

    Thanks so much for being such a great blog friend (even when I'm not able to stop by and comment on your blog), and for your prayers for my brother. Please continue to pray. He needs healing in many areas of his life, in addition to his physical healing.


  19. Amy DeTrempe

    Love this post!

  20. Connie Mace

    Absolutely…fix our eyes on JESUS…sweet picture to remind us…

    GOD's Peace,


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