{through the lens} that’s what He said

May 19, 2012 | 11 comments

Writing in community with Deidra… 

by | May 19, 2012 | 11 comments


  1. David Rupert

    This makes my think. How is Christ’s peace different than the peace that we encounter in the world?

  2. SimplyDarlene

    looks like you are rockin’ and rollin’ again on the interwebs…

    Did you draw the dove?

    It’s all purty-Truth.


  3. Jennifer Ferguson

    Like a token I can pick up and put in my pocket. Peace is just a rub away.

  4. Joanne Norton

    Love the photo. So creative and thoughtful.

  5. Shelly Miller

    You are so creative with your photos, every one of them makes me take notice. Happy Sunday to you friend.

  6. Beth Herring

    always feel the presence of the Lord when I visit.

  7. Jeanne Damoff

    His peace! A gift and mystery, and an aroma that makes us a marvel to the world. What a wonder.

  8. Laura

    His peace — how can we get through life without it? I know I need to avail myself of it much more than I do…find my rest in Him.

  9. Kerry

    Love the photo and how you see through the lens!His peace is a blessing!

  10. Kerry

    I meant to add the peace of the world is fragile compared to what His peace of mind and heart can be.
    (John 14:27)


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