There’s No Such Thing as Perfect People

March 25, 2011 | 22 comments

God can’t NOT love us.

He doesn’t love a perfect us.

He loves the us us. As-is — rough patches and all.

We can’t do a single thing that will make Him love us any more. And we can’t do a single thing that will make Him love us any less.

Jesus — Son of God who is love — died for us while we were yet sinners.

We, the imperfect, defective, blemished.
Rescued by the spotless Lamb.

Yet, 2,000 years later, we continue to chase the invisible standard. We incline our ear to the yammering inner critic, instead of the voice of a loving Father. A PERFECT Father, who loves imperfect us just because He wants to.

Perfection is so yesterday.

He declared us — the broken ones — not only good, but VERY good.


Yesterday, I delivered a presentation to a group of beautiful, broken women on ways to quiet our inner critics and let go of the invisible standard — something I’m still learning how to do. Below, you’ll find the video I created for the presentation. It is set to Natalie Grant’s “Perfect People.”

This weekend, may we find ourselves listening to the voice of a Perfect God!

Email subscribers, if you would like to watch the video, click on the title of this post to watch the video over at Getting Down with Jesus.

by | March 25, 2011 | 22 comments


  1. Shirl

    What an inspirational post!!!

  2. Deb

    Love the video! Hard to remember sometimes that His Grace is enough, working on that every day. Thank you!

  3. Chels

    This is one of my life anthems! This song.. Great post!

  4. Lyla Lindquist

    Even when it comes from the outside, that yammering is really on the inside, isn't it?

    And He ignores the yammering.

    Great piece. And great video. Those broken women in NW Iowa have all the luck…I'm sure your session yesterday was all encouragement.

  5. S. Etole

    A good reminder for a daily struggle …

  6. Rosario

    thanks for sharing this. Is just what I needed to read. God keeps speaking to my by what I read in posts like yours.

  7. Megan Willome

    Need this today.

  8. Jeanne Damoff

    Lovely, Jennifer. Thank you.

  9. Epiphany

    Fantastic post, I'm going to share it on my blog.

    I usually read via Google Reader so haven't seen the changes here but it looks fabulous!!

  10. Linda

    Why is it that it is so difficult to believe that, yes, He couldn't love us more. Somehow there is this yearning to be worthy of such love,to do something to make ourselves good enough.
    This speaks to me Jennifer – in such a powerful way. Thank you.

  11. Jennifer

    Very encouraging for this broken woman and her broken week. Thanks for listening to Him and sharing with us.

  12. The Dove Chronicles

    Oh, holy amen to that!!! Thank you for the video, the honesty, the love, the vulnerability. xxoo

  13. Karen Kyle Ericson

    I really love your work 🙂 I'm a new follower from Hope Faith & Life if you're interested (from my daily quiet times). I read the one about singing the man home. And this one. They are very inspiring. Thank you! I'll put you on my blog list so I can see new posts.

  14. Missie

    So inspirational, so hard to grasp, but with faith we have to know that there is good in us and God love us, even on those days that we cannot love ourselves.
    Thank you.

  15. Remi, United Kingdom

    This is awesomely encouraging, I am inspired.

    I thank God that He loves us all the way we are.

    If we were all perfect we won't need Jesus; but because of our severe imperfections He came to save us.

    I am so thankful that He loves me the way I am; imperfections and all.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    First time on your blog
    God bless

  16. Connie@raise your eyes

    Love this! "Perfection is so yesterday":)

    I remember a scene in "The Hiding Place" where a prostitute is asking Betsie Ten Boom why she would bother to talk with her,since women like her are "just trash."

    Betsie tells her, "oh honey, we're all just trash" and then shares JESUS with her.

  17. Deidra

    I now have my mantra for the week: "Perfection is so yesterday!"

  18. elaine @ peace for the journey

    Wish I had been there to listen in…


  19. Laura

    Jennifer, your photos are just gorgeous! And, my! You've been a busy lady! Love these words, this song, and you. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

  20. Crystal

    What an incredible post! I am just returning from a senior high retreat where we talked about this very thing. It amazes me how, from a very young age, we are striving for perfection. We feel like our very worth depends on how good we are. It's so hard for us to just live in the fact that God loves us.

    Thank you for this!

  21. Janis@Open My Ears Lord

    This was beautiful, Jennifer. It seems like I keep thinking there is such a thing as a "perfect life" or "perfect people" who mostly make all the wise choices and decisions–or at least mostly make the right choices and decisions.
    Your post was freeing and the song beautiful, especially coupled with your photos!
    Thanks, Jennifer.
    It's been a while since I've been here so I'm not sure when you changed the blog, but I really like it.


  22. Prairie Chick

    >>perfection is so yesterday<<.

    I LOVE that. This post reminds me of an Alli Rogers song; "He has forever made perfect those who are being made holy." There is something so oxymoronishly wonderful about that reality. The imperfect, made perfect in Christ, and being made holy through the sanctification of His Spirit.


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