The Miracle in You

May 23, 2011 | 23 comments

The thing is, I’ve missed the miracles.

That’s always been my biggest problem.

I’ve demanded that He to show me parted seas,
and a giant, felled by the single, slung stone.
I’ve wanted God to show me Jesus, in the flesh, walking on water.

I didn’t want the stories of the miracles. I wanted firsthand proof, something I could hold onto.

I’ve begged for the sign in the clouds,
a text from the Lord,
a flashing billboard,
or a booming voice in the ear — the kind that would rattle your insides.

So, yeah, I’ve been blind to real glory. I’ve been blind to God.  

I’ve looked far off for the big thing, when the biggest miracle happens 15 times a minute inside of me.

I breathe.  Fifteen times a minute, I exhale and inhale. And this — this!  — is the miracle or miracles: Life in the lungs.   

I hold my hand to my chest, right now, and it rises and falls in a dependable, predictable pattern. This is it! This is the everyday wonder, and right now, this is the source of my praise. This is very life. This is the sure and steady miracle. It’s life, and it’s warm, and it fills the lungs.

God. In. Us.

Take a breath,
and praise the Lord.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”
— Psalm 150:6

 In the comment box here last week, we spoke of the ordinary wonders of an extraordinary God. One of you mentioned breath as a miracle. Breathing comes so effortlessly, that we overlook it as a blessing. Last night, I unwrapped a box from my Blessings Unlimited party to find a hostess gift: a towel reminding me that each breath is a gift from God.

by | May 23, 2011 | 23 comments


  1. Michelle DeRusha

    I absolutely take breathing for granted. Thank you for reminding me that it is indeed a miracle from God!

    • dukeslee

      Hi Michelle – Thanks for dropping by today. So many everyday miracles:

      Breath and song and wind and whistle and whisper and sun and spring and …

  2. Megan Willome

    Believe me, when you get the miracle–the voice, the dream–it’s not enough.

    • dukeslee


      As I wrote this morning, I thought this very thought — what you’ve shared here in the comment box.

      Even when we *do* get the big flash-of-light miracles, are they enough? Or do we demand more?

      • Lyla Lindquist

        Eh, the really big show wasn’t enough for the folks who used to see it every day, either. The Israelites in the wilderness (“Seriously Jehovah, another day of food just falling from the sky? When’s my wife going to fix me good old meat and potatoes?”) or the ones brushing up against Jesus (“Really, Rabbi? You couldn’t wait until Monday to heal that fellow? What’s another day for a guy who hasn’t had use of his hand his whole life?”).

        This is the beauty for me in following folks like you around, you who see the everyday miracle. Methinks you see it more than you might give yourself credit for. At least I see it around you.

        • dukeslee


          I thought of manna when I wrote — and also when I read Megan’s comment. Why does this happen? Can we even make an idol out of miracles? Can miracles become a drug? Are we always looking for the next big fix? You know?

  3. Linda

    Oh I have been there Jennifer. I would read of the miracles others had experienced and then plead with the Lord for one or two of my own – all the while missing the miracles all around (and in) me.
    Thank you for this precious reminder.

  4. Julie

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. I so often overlook the things that seem so small when really they are so big.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Tay

    Thank you so much for this. Lately, I have been kind of desperate to see God work and move in my life, wanting a miracle. But i need to remember that the fact that I am here and alive is a miracle!

    • dukeslee

      And Tay? You ARE a miracle. Much love to you. ….

  6. S. Etole

    what a delightful reminder …

  7. Beth E.

    I, too, am guilty of wanting to see the big, showy miracles. We get so busy looking for those that we overlook the ones right under our noses!

    This post is a great reminder to be thankful for our everyday, “ordinary miracles”. I truly do understand the miracle of breathing, because I have asthma. Every breath I take is a gift. 🙂


    • dukeslee

      Beth, I thought of people like you as I wrote. People who experience greater difficulty with the common, everyday miracles — walking, breathing, talking, etc — appreciate those gifts more than the rest of us, I suppose.

    • JC

      If you are sick there is a class I recommend. I was healed of a handful of diseases and my homegrown support group of me plus three went after and also got well of a handful of diseases. We shared a doctor is how we met. My doctor wants to host a seminar about this at her church now. I just got a big hug at church Sunday form somebody I sent there back in January. She is well now too. There are many more. Its a bible study lecture style and prayer to God in the name of Jesus:) They also share what they have discovered in medical journals regarding specific diseases. No new age guided imagetry, no drama, no altar calls. I was really scared before I went so I like to include that, lol!! My three friends that went were baptist, pentecostal, and actually buddhist now Christian. I can give you info, answer a question and maybe help if you are interested. [email protected], friends website tab jens testimony, ministry website.

  8. Beth Herring

    ahhhh. that awesome breath of life – such a miracle but one that we tend to overlook. love this as it reminds me to be so mindful of the amazing Creator we serve!!

    • dukeslee

      It seems the things that are most routine — but that we rely on most — can be the most overlooked blessings of all. Thank you, Beth, for stopping. xoxo

  9. Missie

    We read this verse at my bible study group last night! I always have an easier time remembering each breath when we can see it, like in the winter!

    • dukeslee

      Isn’t God cool like that? He has a way of repeating Himself, so the message lodges itself in the soul. I love that repetitive rhythm of grace.

      Thank you, Missie.

  10. Nancy

    Love the towel, love that you unwrapped when you did. Sometimes, I’m certain God is repeating himself when He really wants to make sure I’m really listening to what He wants me to learn–sort of like following up His message to you with the towel. Breathing–so much to dig into there: the breath of life, the Holy Spirit breathing life into our spirits, breathing prayer. Much to think about here today, friend.

  11. rcubes

    “Take a deep breath!”

    How often we tell the inmates that when they are going through asthma attacks or anxiety attacks. Knowing that “trying to slow their breathing and taking more slow, deeper breaths” will enable them to relax and feel better.

    That’s what I need to do…is to remember that the “Air” gives me more power than I can imagine when facing these storms of life. A miracle indeed! You continue to inspire. God bless.

  12. Marcus Goodyear

    As an asthmatic, I’m very aware of my breathing. Lately I’m grateful to say that my asthma is under control. I even run a few miles most days!

    When I run, breathing is what guides my pace and my prayers. Thanks for the reminder to keep paying attention to God’s life in my breath.

    • JC

      It is as a big of a miracle to never be sick as to be healed. Each child is a miracle, even if you are not 90 years old and past your time as Sarah:) You are living in His blessings! I have lived outrageous miracles, and I thank God for every day He does not have to perform one.

  13. Jennifer@Adam's Rib

    Amazing how God aligns the world to show us Himself. Love this miracle for you.


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