#TellHisStory: One Choice That Could Change Everything

January 22, 2014 | 6 comments

So. You’ve let your own approval rating get the best of you, have you?

Yeah, I get that.  I know firsthand the dangers of scorecards and tally sheets. And I know how it can hold me back from doing good work in the world.

But could we let it go? Could we lay down every scorecard?

I’ve set a ballpoint pen on the table, over at The High Calling, today. Come on over. You’ll see what I mean. 😉

(I would love to see you in the comment box there, sharing and cheering one another on. Let’s do this!)

So, what’s your Story? A #TellHisStory is any story that connects your story into the story of God.

You’re invited to tell that story right here, in community with us.

Share your narratives, your poems, your Instagrams tagged with #TellHisStory, … your beautiful hearts. You are the chroniclers, the people who help others make sense of the world with your words and your art.

Story is how we know that, no matter what happens, we can get back up again.

Visit someone (or two) in the link-up to encourage with a comment. Then, Tweet about your posts, and the posts you visit, with the #TellHisStory hashtag. Come back on Friday to visit our Featured #TellHisStory, in the sidebar.

A final note: This is a safe place to tell your stories. You don’t have to be a professional writer or a grammarian to join us. Story is built into every single one of us. Your story matters, because it’s part of God’s story down through history, not because you punctuated everything correctly. Deal?


For more details on the #TellHisStory linkup, click here.

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by | January 22, 2014 | 6 comments


  1. Jenna Guizar

    Thank you so much for hosting such a beautifully inspirational link-up. It is so exciting to meet new bloggers who are giving glory to Him through their words 🙂 ~Jenna

    • dukeslee

      Really glad you’re with us, Jenna. God bless you.

  2. Adiciple

    “This is my contribution to #TellHisStory. Because I do not have a blog, I am including the story in the comments

    A “Waterproof Bible”?!!! WHAT?!!! I was browsing the most recent
    newsletter from a local Christian book store and this caught my eye..
    “Waterproof Bible”… on Sale Now!

    The “newest” bible is pretty.. Bright… Blue…Convenient?

    . “For sale now, $34.99 at your nearest Christian bookstore!”
    WOW!! I had never seen one of these and I am not sure as to why one would want
    a “Waterproof Bible!”

    What are the pages actually made of?
    Are they thick? Colored? Hard to handle?

    As I was pondering over my newest discovery my eyes peered over to the
    table next to my favorite reading chair, and there it sat…
    My “little red companion”
    My “refuge” in times of storms.
    My “go to” on a bad day!
    My “happy place” when I am feeling relaxed and want to read a good story that makes me feel good inside.
    My Bible.
    Compact. Used. Very Used.

    It is “My” Bible

    Torn. Bruised. Broken.

    It is taped up, a little duct tape here and there, adhesive tape (when I
    couldn’t find duct! haha) and some places nothing.. just hanging on by a

    The pages contain notes, scribbles, pictures (when I am really making my point!)

    Some pages look like a road map… Different colors here and there, Hi-lighter pens used in every color!

    Messy to some.

    Precious to me.

    As I reach over and pick it up, I recall what is most important to me about my “little red companion.”

    There are tears…many many tears.

    Nearly every page has had some tears dripped on them at some point in time.. early morning weeping, late night groanings.

    Those pages are tear stained.

    Big time..



    Many “Yes Lord’s!”

    And lots of “Amen’s!!”

    These pages contain tears of laughter, joy, thankfulness and gratitude.

    As I sit here, I am thankful that i do not have a “Waterproof Bible.”

    No “Waterproofing” needed on these pages.

    God has met me on these pages, many many times!


    HE has stayed with me.

    Unlike “Waterproofing” where the moisture hits and then beads away.

    Those tears are imbedded in those pages, in the binding of my “little companion” down my cheeks and in my heart.

    Many “Why’s” on those pages.

    There are also tears of joy on those pages. Tears of laughter. Tears of thankfulness. Tears of gratitude.

    My tears are embedded in those pages, in the binding of my little red companion, down my cheeks and into my heart.

    I am thankful for my well worn, scribbled, torn and broken bible.

    It is like me..



    Bruised.But blessed and very thankful for my Lord, for HIS words, HIS promises that I have in my “little red companion”

    • dukeslee

      Your Bible is a treasure… Invaluable. All Scripture is, of course, but what a legacy of faith, what a journey you are recording through your underlines and highlights … and your tears. So grateful that you shared in the comments. You are ALWAYS welcome to do this.

      • Adiciple

        Yes, I am thankful for HIS words, HIS Promises in my “little red companion!” Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Megan Willome

    I didn’t think I had an overwhelming need for approval–until it was yanked away from me.



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