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March 16, 2009 | 15 comments

A needed respite.

Our trip to Florida gave us time to reflect, be still.
To rest in the sun … and to rest in the Son.

A family changed.
Grandma Joyce went with us — six weeks after Grandpa Paul took an
earlier-than-expected trip to Heaven.

Here are some photo reflections.


Treasures, in jars of clay.
(2 Corinthians 4:7-12)


For one day, Iowa friends gathered here, under Florida sun.
Presenting, Princess Anna …

“Garsh, Lydia.”
(At the Texas-style Mickey’s Backyard BBQ)


Hola, Donald!

(In Epcot’s Mexico)


Bonjour, Lydia and Anna!
(In Epcot’s France)


Ni Hao, Anna!
(In Epcot’s China)


And finally, …

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3

Desde el nacimiento del sol hasta su ocaso, alabado sea el nombre del SEÑOR. (Spanish)

Du lever du soleil jusqu’à son couchant, Que le nom de l’Éternel soit célébré! (French)

从 日 出 之 地 到 日 落 之 处 , 耶 和 华 的 名 是 应 当 赞 美 的 !(Chinese)

In every tribe, and language and people and nation, let Your name be praised.

by | March 16, 2009 | 15 comments


  1. Billy Coffey

    Looks, and sounds, like just what you all needed.

  2. janelle


    Praying that the rest just continues!

  3. patty

    Rest…what a blessing!

  4. lynnrush

    Awesome. Looks like so much fun.

  5. Darlene

    aaahhh. vacation………..

  6. girlforgod

    Hi Jen,

    What Sweet pics. So glad you had a safe, and blessed trip. We are heading their for Easter with my Family, so I will be looking forward to it too 🙂 God bless and thanks for stopping by my blog today too. You are a treasue of a friend here in the blog world 🙂 In Jesus, Robin

  7. Chrissy

    wonderful 🙂 thank you for sharing!

  8. mom2six

    Wonderful family memories. So glad your visit was restful.

  9. Carol

    Looks like a perfectly lovely time. Awesome Joyce could go too. Love, Carol

  10. valerie lynn

    Wow what beautiful pictures. God is truly good and I am glad your family had a wonderful time. God bless

  11. Lisa

    Nothing like Epcot to take your mind off hardship. My prayers are always with you and I love your blog.

  12. TUC

    Love that last picture, and I confess, I am envious of your trip!

  13. Alleluiabelle

    I am a newcomer to your site, and I thoroughly enjoy what I have read thus far. There is so much to read, where do I begin. Your posting regarding your accident the scar (Y) that was left embedded on your leg, was and is, an amazing story. God is so awesome, isn’t He? I hope you have recovered well physically from that.

    I so enjoyed your pictures of this trip. It looks like your family had a great time together. I’ll be praying that God continues to touch you in ways that you never thought possible.

    Thank you for visiting me at my site. Your comment was encouraging. I’ll be back to visit again.

    My blessings to you,

  14. Lyla Lindquist


  15. God's Not Finished With Us Yet...

    Aw, those are such precious, priceless photo’s. Glad you got the time to get away from it all.


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