Some Gospel Truth For Anyone Who’s a Bit of a Mess

September 16, 2013 | 19 comments

Dear Lord,

My mind played a mean trick on my again today. It made me think my past mistakes were bigger You. It’s crazy how that happens — how a woman who has surrendered at the cross, praised in the sanctuary, confessed with her mouth, and believed with all her heart — how that same woman can feel like a pit dweller again.

Yeah, it’s absurd.

And it’s got all the marks of a very real enemy, who jabs one long, bony, accusing finger to my chest. He reminds sinners-made-saints of our long and sorry record of bad deeds, horrid thoughts, squalid choices, and ugly messes. And the enemy reminds us how we still mess up. He whispers in our ear: “What will God think of you now?”

A woman — saved and forgiven — might believe the atrocious lies about who she is, rather than the truth about what You’ve rescued her from. How could we suddenly decide that, in this case, Your arm really is too short too save? That maybe we’re the exception to your scriptural rules governing grace?

Lord, I need pure gospel today.  I need you to remind me of all the things that I already am: loved, approved, saved, forgiven, claimed, and redeemed.

And thanks be to God? You answer with the holy thunder of Truth. You won’t let us get away with bludgeoning ourselves with our own sin. You grant us Sunday sermons, loyal friends, well-timed phone calls, sunrises, and new mercies every morning to remind us that You are still God.

Sure, we’ve all fallen short of Your grace. And yes, we’re incapable of pulling ourselves back up again. But You? You justify freely by Your grace through the redemption that comes by way of Christ. Says so, right here in the Bible.

Lord, we believe. Help us with our unbelief.

Help us remember that we’re not defined by what has happened in our darkest hours, our darkest years, or in the darkest rooms. We’re not defined by the dark at all, but by the Light of You in the world. (In us.)

If any of us were the sum of experiences, we would be doomed. But out of Your sheer generosity, You offered a perfect answer for our imperfect lives.


This is the proof that you love us, and that you like us.

I go to Calvary today to reclaim it.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

by | September 16, 2013 | 19 comments


  1. Deb Weaver (@DebWordWeaver)

    I LOVE this life-breathing message! You are a tremendous encouragement. Thank you!

    Deb Weaver

    • dukeslee

      I started writing this prayer out for a new friend who had some old junk replaying like bad ’90s music in her brain. Then? I realized how I had some of my own stuff on replay. Soooo easy to fall back into a pit of self-condemnation. We need each other, Deb, to speak gospel truth into each other’s hearts. Thank you for standing with me today, and for consistently speaking truth into hearts over at your place. I appreciate you tremendously.

      • Karmen M.

        Bad 90’s music. LOL. yep we do need each other. Thanks for this.

  2. ro elliott

    Amen…amen…when the enemy whispers my failures…I can say yes…but oh what a story of redemption comes from even those darkest moments…God is always writing His redemption into every situation….amazing grace indeed!!!

    • dukeslee

      Light, for the win!

  3. Debbie

    Praising God with you for Calvary…

    • dukeslee

      A good place to praise. Thanks for standing there with me, Debbie.

  4. Barbie

    That you for reminding me that He always offers beautiful redemption!

    • dukeslee

      You are so welcome, Barbie.

      Praise God, for His love endures forever. And ever. And ever. Regardless of my bone-headed mistakes, missteps and miscalculations.

  5. Lori Harris

    Simply thank you for being obedient to speaking truth- Needed this today~

    • dukeslee

      I needed it too, Lori, … I’m in the same boat, needing daily reminders.

  6. Janet

    I wrote a letter to God today, too – I think I’m just going to put a hinge between our two posts and pray the reminder/strengthen prayer for a week. It can only help, right? Prayers are boats, too…

  7. Anita

    Joining with you, in your beautiful prayer, Jennifer. Thank you x

  8. Nancy Kourmoulis

    ‘the enemy reminds us how we still mess up.’ and ‘You justify freely by Your grace through the redemption that comes by way of Christ.’ – how these two lines encourage me today. Confirmation over all the Father has been speaking to me over the last several weeks. Thank you.

  9. Laura

    Write it on a rock. Drown it in the lake.

    Oh, wait — you already did.

  10. Karrilee Aggett

    He is nothin’ if he isn’t consistent, right? And my how I hate that his voice can so sneakily sound like my own… but we are wasting our breath when we try to remind the Lord of our past sins… He – being all grace filled and Love – has no idea what we are talking about! Once we hand them over… they are just – gloriously – GONE! That is the power of the Blood… that is Light blinding out the darkness! LOVE this, friend! And who among us doesn’t just need this on any given day?

  11. Nancy Ruegg

    Praise God for the “Sunday sermons, loyal friends, well-timed phone calls, sunrises, and new mercies every morning that remind us” he is our loving, forgiving God! You are so right! Thank you, Jennifer, for this uplifting post.

  12. Dea

    Jennifer, really can’t tell you how much I needed these grace words tonight. in two minutes tomorrow begins at a second past midnight—- I so need some mercy when I rise in the morning.

  13. Val

    This was amazingly spot on for me today. Although it did not completely pierce the darkness I am experiencing, it sure made some dents. Thank you for these powerful truths!



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