So, This is What Happens When PreApproved Women Mean Business

February 27, 2014 | 12 comments

This is happening.

We’re a whole group of Jesus-sisters, taking a sledgehammer to our love idols and declaring our preapproved status in Christ. (In Him, we have all the approval we ever wanted. And then some!)

You can join us. Because you believe what we believe:

We’ve had enough of the not-enoughs.

This is a movement we started less than 24 hours ago, and already, you all mean business.

I love the way you roll. I love how your hearts beat like this:

Jesus…. Jesus… Jesus. 


~ Jen Ferguson

Karrilee Aggett


~ Diane Bailey

@Jessica Bolyard

~ Erin Mohring

~ Jen Ferguson

~ Sheila Dailie

“Easter has always been my favorite holiday because it means that if I love Jesus – then I am enough.  His dying on the cross and rising again, and my believing it, well, it’s enough.” ~ Jen Sandbulte

“Love Idols” stand like false gods demanding my worship to walk in what is counterfeit freedom.

~ Janis






God’s word says you can jump off the wheel, you can be done trying to measure up.

~ Alyssa Santos 


“Garbage is suffocating my spirit, my creativity, my ability to receive and understand the things of God.

It affects me as a mother and as a wife, and as a friend, and as a human being.

I have been desperately needing to let go:

  • what I’ve been holding too tightly
  • what I’ve been bowing to and worshipping and loving that is not Jesus.

Maybe you feel that way too?”

~ Jessica McGuire

It’s been a long winter and worry is a cold companion.

I’ve worried about money, I’ve worried about time and deadlines, I’ve worried I’m not smart enough or that I haven’t read the right books.

I’ve worried about platform—that I am not enough.

About growing old, that I’m not lovely enough …

Next week is Lent and as my family and I prepare our hearts for Easter, I want us as a family to focus on the giving away of something, not just some trivial object that I will pick up in forty days. I want to give up something bigger, something God has been helping me to overcome.

So for the next week I’m going to pray and ask God to help me muster up truth and bury lies that keep me from Him, lies that hinder my purpose so that once and for all I’ll have a clearer view of who I am #Pre-approved.

~ Teresa from Power of Modesty



Tell us what God is telling you…  Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or right over here how you’re laying down your LOVE IDOL, knowing you’re preapproved TODAY! #loveidol #preapproved




Click here to print the preapproved cutouts. Place these where ever your Love Idols have lurked! 

Preapproved printable: to frame, to put on your refrigerator, to give to a friend. Click here to print. My gift to you, brave soul!


“I’m printing off these cards and placing them around my house. Just last week I finally decided it was time to let go of this eating disorder of mine (I’ve known it was time but I really believe I’m ready this time). I need to believe that I am “pre-approved” by Him. My love idol has been that scale and believing my worth is found in the number that appears on it.”



{The book behind the movement… }

by | February 27, 2014 | 12 comments


  1. Jen Ferguson

    This makes me just well up with tears. To see all the beauty beheld here, the beauty of freedom, of surrender, of faith that He makes us enough. Oh, if we would believe it in every corner of our souls? If we would stop second-guessing, stop striving, stop entertaining the idea that worth comes from anything external. Our worth is all stored up in our hearts where Jesus resides, worth Jesus gives us, worth poured out in blood. If we could stop to imagine, to fully imbibe this love He has for us, we wouldn’t have to turn to any idols. My prayer is we would see, drink fully and passionately, from the well of Living Water, that there would be no emptiness for the world to fill.

  2. Sarah

    Love seeing the community grow!

    This is on repeat in my head “…as if you were working for the Lord, not for man.” My idol will be evicted!

  3. Kris Camealy

    So awesome, Jennifer 😉 God is moving. It’s beautiful to watch–and share in the process.

  4. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Love this Jennifer. And the thought occurs to me that we should preapprove others, too, w/o demanding they jump through our approval hoops. I’m so glad that God approves us through His Son, and pre-did it before the foundation of the world! Love what you are doing here!

    • Nancy Ruegg

      Oh, yes, Lynn–preapprove others, too. No jumping to conclusions. No harboring of negative thoughts behind someone’s back, much less talking about them. Thanks for your insight!

  5. t

    This turned out great Jennifer. Yea God!!

  6. Alecia Simersky

    It’s so much fun to see everyone with their “preapproved”labels. I have mine printed and ready to go! 🙂

  7. Bonnie Wallace

    My soul, my ministry, my marriage, my parenting – feeling like I am not enough in all of these today – desperately needing to hear this today. Crying over my keyboard. Thank you.

  8. Nancy Ruegg

    Thank you, Jennifer, for nourishing our souls! Praise God for the freedom and empowerment available to us when we embrace his preapproval.

  9. Paula Gamble

    So much beauty here! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful hearts.


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