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In my adult life, I have accumulated a long list of resolutions.

I have resolved to lose 10 pounds, to read the Bible in a year, to be more environmentally conscious. I have determined to exercise at least three times a week, to eat all my broccoli, to cut back on the caffeine, to get more organized.

But in the 18 years since I first got serious about making resolutions, I’ve gained 20 pounds, I’ve never gotten all the way through the Bible in a year, and I’ve developed a bad habit of throwing away things that could be recycled. I lack a clear exercise program and consistently drink three cups of strong coffee a day.

I am so disorganized that my fall pumpkins are frozen to the front doorstep. Even my New Year’s resolutions are four days past deadline.

I have, however, taken a liking to broccoli.

By resolution standards, I’m a failure.

The Webster’s dictionary defines the word “resolve” this way:

  • to reach as a decision or intention
  • to determine
  • to make clear

I wonder: What has God resolved to do in my life in 2009? What are His intentions for me? What has He determined for my life?

I suspect it has a little bit to do with making peace with myself. I bet it has even more to do with finding perfect peace in Him. And I imagine it has a lot to do with me getting completely lost in my relationship with Him.

If I’m on the right track here, I’m feeling like God cares not so much about how many Bible chapters I’ve read, but that I’ve gone there to find Him. I’m guessing He’s not so interested in what I’m eating — but in who I’ve helped feed.

Even though I’m a New Year’s resolution dropout, I’m thinking He’d like me to commit to one resolution this year. Just one. The resolution was first made by a fellow Christ follower whose letters I read. The writer’s name is Paul.

Paul wrote this resolution first, about 2,000 years ago, before New Year’s resolutions were fashionable. You can find it in the second chapter of 1 Corinthians. Paul said it first, and I resolve it now — 2,000 years later:

“I resolve to know nothing … but Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2).

Photo credit: Three crosses at Inspiration Hills. Taken by my friend Ruth.

by | January 5, 2009 | 14 comments


  1. Chris Godfredsen

    Amen and amen. To know Christ, to find him in EVERYTHING, and to know him crucified!

    Eloquent and yet succinct. I, too, am resolution failure and so have sworn them off – except for the one where I have a desire to see, hear and know him a little better everyday.

    A great post – I needed it this morning.

    Grace and Peace!

  2. Chris Godfredsen

    Amen and amen. To know Christ, to find him in EVERYTHING, and to know him crucified!

    Eloquent and yet succinct. I, too, am resolution failure and so have sworn them off – except for the one where I have a desire to see, hear and know him a little better everyday.

    A great post – I needed it this morning.

    Grace and Peace!

  3. patty

    May He give you the desires of your heart and may you experience an intimacy with Him never before imagined! God bless you, friend.

  4. Billy Coffey

    Ah yes, the dreaded New Year Resolution. I, too, am a complete failure at this, though every year it seems I come back for more.

    Love the way you take the focus off yourself and put it on God. I need to do this, too…

  5. janelle

    Jennifer, I made ZERO resolutions this year; I am a resolution drop-out as well.

    What I did decide to do is to pray regularly and intentionally (that word just won’t go away will it?) that I listen and follow through when God calls me to do something – AND – that when I refuse, for whatever reason, that he gives me another chance.

  6. Pam at beyondjustmom

    THANK YOU from a fellow New Year’s resolution dropout. There’s another trend this year to pick a “word” that has meaning, and I’ve been thinking so hard to come up with one. I asked my kids, and they picked “beast”, “dweeb” and “awesome” which didn’t resonate with me much 😉
    I love how you’ve thought about God’s intentions beyond ourselves. Thank you!

  7. marilyn moser

    I too am a well intentioned “goal setter”…with unorganized closets and drawers! Maybe it is our creative gene that makes it harder for us to be ULTRA organized…I love the confession…frozen pumpkins on the front step…my pumkins were frozen too although I DO have my winter stuff out now WHEW! GEEZE is there any excuse for these things!?? Is there a 12 step program for us or something?!Seriously, tho it is good to know I am not alone! Keep up the great blogs…Have a blessed New year!!

  8. lynnrush


  9. David Rupert

    What is God resolved to do in me is a great question to ask. Often I’m torn with doing for God — instead of expectantly looking for His work in me.

    Thank you for twisting my mind back to Him!


  10. L.L. Barkat

    Oh yeah. I can identify with the frozen pumpkins. 🙂

    I wonder… what are all the beautiful things you did that you never resolved to? Kind of fun to consider.

  11. Carol

    And now, Jennifer girl, I read the Bridge for Paul today….now you will resolve to make the most of each day, each moment. Paul will be where he loves to be with those he loves and who love him. We will pray for all of you and keep you close in thought. Blessings on you and your family as you continue on this journey with your family. Love, Carol

  12. Living and Baking in Boise

    I skip the resolutions and simply pick a “word” for the year. I almost feel that God picks the word for me, since it seems to bounce around in my head for a few days. You can read about it in my latest post.

    Blessings in the new year!

    Jenn real identity)

  13. Carol

    Just to let you know I added an ammendment to my post: I went to high callings and found out that they are featuring my post today. I clicked on my high callings icon and then at the top of their screen it says: “blog network” and I picked “family” and my post was at the top of the list, so the prayers are spreading around the country!!!! Blessings to you. Love you, Carol

  14. Rick D.

    Hmmm…you must’ve peeked at my Blogger profile, no? 🙂

    I made a conscious decision years ago to not make promises to myself or to God about something that I was not willing to invest the time and effort on my end to keep, and to not make any such promises for the beginning of a New Year. So far, it works just fine (the pumpkins made it to the garage before they froze to the concrete, thank you very much). God still works wonders in my life daily – even when I don’t see the movement, as trying to watch my own spiritual growth puts the focus in the wrong spot (kind of like waiting to see the grass grow).

    May He continue to do all that which He foreordained for you and yours this year – and remember the Serenity Prayer 🙂


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