#PreApproved Writer of the Week: Lelia Chealey

July 8, 2014 | 2 comments

#PreApproved Sisterhood Series


Welcome to a new series, hosted here on the blog. Every Tuesday night, one of our PreApproved sisters will share her story on letting go of a love idol.

Together, we’re giving up our love idols, and we’re not taking them back.

We are already approved; we have nothing to prove. In Christ, we are #preapproved.

Lelia Chealey

When I received the Love Idol book in the mail, I was excited. I quickly read the back cover of the book and was ready to dive into what I thought would just be a good read. I had no idea that God had changes in store for me.

I barely finished the introduction, when I realized God did not care about my opinion of the book. He wanted to use it to make some life changes. To ask me to get rid of stuff He has never wanted in my life, but stuff I refused to release. Jennifer calls this a Love Idol.

“Whatever rules our hearts becomes our lord. The person who seeks approval and acceptance can become controlled by it. The person who is motivated primarily by a need for human affirmation is, in the end, ruled by it.

If we don’t get the love and acceptance we crave, we’re deflated. But if we do get the approval we want, we might not be any better off, for we are tricked into thinking our idols offer fulfillment.

And we keep going back for more.”

So, in the introduction I suddenly had a name to what I didn’t think was a big deal.

“We know it’s true: To let go of something, you have to first admit you’re holding on to it. The moment  you’re willing to call the problem by its actual name, you’re one step closer to canceling its power over you.”

The further I read Jennifer’s story of her own Love Idol and how she allowed God to teach her how to deal with her idol, I became inspired to do the same. The problem with knowing my Love Idol must go is my flesh did not agree that I needed to evict it from my life. Suddenly, I had a battle within my heart because my Love Idol was not going down without a fight.

“Idols need steady confrontation. We have to hang a sign on the doors of our hearts, declaring to false saviors, ‘No vacancy.’

Gospel preached, daily.

No-vacancy sign hung, daily.”

In Love Idol Jennifer shares the process God took her through that made her realize that in Christ, she is preapproved. My tears of frustration have splashed down on Jennifer’s words. I want the change. I want more of God, but then there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to know life without my Love Idol.

I wrote this message to Jennifer on Facebook, “I get overwhelmed at times from the Love Idol withdrawal I’m experiencing, but I know this release of my Love Idol will result in a closer relationship with Christ and that makes it all worth it.” Jennifer responded, “That’s so interesting…the Love Idol withdrawal. I experience that too. We need each other, don’t we Lelia?”

The day I finished reading the Love Idol I was at my daughters’ volleyball tournament. A few weeks before we had been at this gym, but I never noticed this sign until that day.

FIGHT OR FOLD. That’s my choice if I want to get closer to God. He doesn’t want my Love Idol to be in my life, but because it’s what has brought me comfort, I do. So I have a choice to make. Either I’m going to keep fighting through this withdrawal time or I’m going to fold and miss what God has for me. FIGHT OR FOLD. Jennifer let me know I’m not alone in this fight and that’s important to know because I don’t want to fold. I don’t want to give in to Satan’s plans for my life another day. My Love Idol…it has to go.

We draw strength from the honesty and vulnerability that comes from friends and fellow believers.
Together, we can help each other smash the Love Idol.

Lelia Chealey is a #preapproved wife, mom and grandma of two little girls who lives in Nebraska. She is a writer, conference speaker and Bible study leader. She loves being with her family and rarely passes up catching up with girlfriends in a coffee shop. You can connect with her on her blog www.leliachealey.com and on Twitter and Facebook.


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by | July 8, 2014 | 2 comments


  1. Diane Bailey

    Fight or fold! What a great slogan to move forward in all that God has called you to be with him as your first Love.

    • LeliaChealey

      Amen Diane! Love when He gives a message so clear. ♡


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