#PreApproved Writer of the Week: Jenny Sulpizio 11/18

November 18, 2014 | 2 comments

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More Than Enough
Jenny Sulpizio

You’re not enough.

That’s the voice I heard running through my head, reminding me over and over again of the supposed truths I saw in that reflection of mine. It was the inner voice I couldn’t help but to believe—to focus on for so many years. And the one I still do battle with even to this day.

Even though I know better.

As I peer into the bathroom mirror, I can’t help but concentrate on all that’s changed. The deep lines now encircling my eyes, the pounds that have somehow found their way onto my backside, and the skin that’s no longer taut due to the swell of three babes. And there’s discouragement there. Anxiety even. That disapproving inner voice can’t help but tell me all I’m not, just as it serves as a reminder that indeed, I’m getting older. I’m not who I once was. I’m different…changed.

And that’s where I stop…where I pause. Where I have to revisit my reflection once again. Not to criticize what I see, but to look past it instead. Past the wrinkles, and the added pounds. Past the negative thinking and disapproving whispers. It’s right there in those moments of clarity where my mirror serves as a window. Where the audible voice of God drowns out the enemy’s. Where the negativity dissipates and the presence of the Lord is felt, reminding me of Whom I belong to and how far I’ve come on this journey.

Where I realize I am enough.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Not at all.

See, from a young age, the messages I received from the world around me said I needed to do and be more. In order to fit in–to be accepted–I needed to be the prettiest, the most athletic, the smartest in her class. And I listened. I heard these voices loud and clear…and carried these lies with me throughout most of my adult life. Worse? I didn’t know the Lord. I wasn’t aware of His truths. In fact, I’d made the decision long ago to unfollow Him…to ignore His requests, and turn away from His Word. I chose to walk separate from God and this Jesus others spoke of. I made the world (and all the things in it) my idol. And because my foundation rested solely on the opinions of others,I felt unworthy. Less than. Not enough.

But these days? I’m older…wiser you could say. I’m able to see the environment in which we live exactly for what it is. And it’s no longer my foundation. Jesus is. I no longer let this world discredit my efforts. Just as I now realize I’m so much more than the outward appearance I boast. That I am in fact, loved and cherished just for being me, by the God who made me. Wrinkles, extra weight, imperfections and all.

Ladies, it’s so easy to fall into these traps. It’s easy to look into that mirror and find faults—areas on our bodies we wish we could change. It seems only natural to pick ourselves apart—to grow disgusted by what we see. But please don’t. Don’t allow the negative, damaging voice of the enemy to fill your mind with lies. See yourself as God sees you. Friends, see what He sees. Know that the opinions of others and the worldviews we get caught up in are insignificant…meaningless. Let Him be your foundation. Your rock. Allow His Words and His truths to seep in. Absorb His love and know nothing could ever change that.

You are enough. Strike that. You are more than enough. Know that deep within. Arm yourself with this very truth.

Take a look at your reflection and believe it.

for the love of god, jenny sulpizio
Jenny Lee Sulpizio is a Christian mom, wife, and author of the recently released, For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace. She and her husband Michael reside in the uber warm state of Arizona with their three children. Connect with Jenny online by visiting her website: www.jennyleesulpizio.com


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by | November 18, 2014 | 2 comments


  1. Jody Ohlsen Collins

    Jenny, the most powerful thing in this post are the words declaring your intent to ‘unfollow’ Jesus, and His insistence to pursue you. A beautiful message here. Good job!

    • Jenny Lee Sulpizio

      Yes, Jody!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words here, friend. 😉


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