#PreApproved Writer of the Week: Caron

January 27, 2015 | 0 comments

#PreApproved Sisterhood Series


Every Tuesday night, one of our PreApproved sisters shares her story on letting go of a love idol.

Together, we’re giving up our love idols, and we’re not taking them back.

We are already approved; we have nothing to prove.

In Christ, we are #preapproved.

Rip Off the Label
By Caron Somers

Have you ever noticed on your mattress/pillow the long white tag that sticks out and clearly says “do not remove this tag”? And I never, ever do. It is still on my mattress, and it is still on my pillow. I am not sure if I think the sleep-time patrol will be coming to my neighborhood to inspect for tags or not. But I don’t dare remove the tag. It’s a nuisance and it’s in my way, but I keep it there.

Here’s another kind of label — the one that says we are pre-approved in Jesus. We are ENOUGH. We are TREASURED. We are REDEEMED. We are WHOLE. We are CHERISHED. We are LOVED. We are CHOSEN.

Our culture loves labels.

For instance, if we were to meet, we’d exchange names and the next question would be ‘what do you do”? And when we ask that question, we tend to put people in a category. If someone says he works as a pilot, for instance, we’re impressed.

And if someone says they are a missionary or a pastor, a halo and wings enter into our line of vision.

Why do we label people based on what they do? Or where they live?

I loved the prestige of being a university chaplain. I wore my labels of chaplain/pastor proudly.

When I lost those labels, I crumbled inside. Without the hedge of position, I felt vulnerable. I didn’t have keys to an office anymore or a coveted parking pass. And the Lord said, “Do you still trust Me”?

He speaks to me, in my weakness, saying, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

If we insist on living safe lives, not daring and not trusting, then I don’t think we’re going to see all of who Jesus is. If we stay inside our smooth-sailing Christian life, with our Christian friends and Christian radio stations we are going to miss being the hands and feet of Jesus. And hear me on this, we need our Christian friends and songs – but how about if we step into situations where we may be the only Jesus follower?

What if we started being the salt and light in our cities and towns? What if we had our neighbors over for coffee once a month? What if we started running for city council or mayor?

And how about when we gather together that we start ripping off our own labels, be vulnerable, and let others see our weakness?

You’ve got a story to tell, of God’s strength in you. You are enough. Treasured, redeemed. And the world needs to hear your story.

My name is Caron, and I am pre-approved.

Caron has been a school teacher, long term missionary with YWAM, a university chaplain and pastor.  And now she’s in a season in her life where she’s an artisan, impacting her world as a marketplace missionary in farmers markets across the island she calls home in the Pacific Northwest. 


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