Not Ugly.

June 30, 2012 | 14 comments


“You know, Mom,” she says, pointing my camera at an old tree stump. “I think that people  miss a lot of beautiful things in this world, because they think what they’re seeing is ugly.”


But look here, Mom” — she stoops lower, peering through the lens — “even the ugly things are very, very beautiful.”

Click. Click. 


May you find beauty in the messes, blessings in the hard places, and God’s unfathomable grace reaching into the deepest parts of you. And may you uncover 10,000 reasons to sing the praises of the Beautiful One.

{You are loved.}



Linking with Deidra Riggs and Sandra Heska King this weekend…

by | June 30, 2012 | 14 comments


  1. Deidra

    Thanks to you and the rest of The Sunday Community, I’ve got a head start on worship for tomorrow. I can hardly wait to join you in celebration! You know, the way we always do it – singing from the same hymnal!

    Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me! Bless his holy name!

  2. Kris

    I just read that scripture a couple of days ago in Isaiah and it really struck me. So wonderful being reminded here tonight. Thank you Jennifer for this sweet truth!

  3. Caroline

    Just beautiful. So thankful He finds beauty in all His creation.

  4. Shelly Miller

    I just want to squeeze your daughter, she is so adorable. This warmed my heart, thinking about her taking snapshots and learning how to really see. Love it!

  5. floyd

    Sometimes our children reopen our eyes to His truths… Beautiful indeed…

  6. Lynn Mosher

    Oh, how precious! You have taught your daughter well. Loved this!

  7. Susan

    Oh how sweet! And so true.

    Love the picture/verse♥

  8. Cheri

    And that He is changing us into His beautiful image. One of the 10,000 reasons to praise Him today and everyday.

  9. Sandra Heska King

    I love it. I love her. And I declare, I’m coming to give her a personal hug. I mean it.

    And I *still* say He’s beautiful, too.

  10. Joanne Norton

    So true. And a marvelous reminder. Made me think of the impoverished who live in garbage dumps in various locations in our world and no matter how horrific it is they always find good things. Here’s a post [Part 1 of 4] that I began early on. In a way, it fits right into what you are saying and sharing and opening eyes and hearts. Thanks.

  11. Rona

    When I began to lose my hair due to long term medications, stress and severe chronic pain I truly felt ugly.
    It was through our Heavenly Father’s love that I began to see the beauty.
    Beautiful reminder.
    I hope you have a blessed week! Happy July 4th!

  12. Alicia

    Love your daughter’s vision. Oh, how I long to see like that!

  13. Dolly@Soulstops

    your daughter is so wise…wonder where she gets that from? Yes, He is beautiful…learning to see it more and more…Thank you, friend, for how you see Him, and then share with us 🙂


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