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May 28, 2011 | 7 comments


Love all. Worship One.

That’s become my life motto. I look for ways to live that motto out on this farm, in my little country church just up the road, in my rural Iowa community — and out here on the big ol’ Information Superhighway.

That’s part of the reason I’ve spent a lot time linking arms (and fist-bumping!) with some good friends over at They live what I believe. And I invite you to join us.

Three years ago, when I first started this blog, I joined The High Calling community as a way to connect with others who seek to glorify God in their everyday lives.

These people in this growing community at THC quickly became good friends. And then, in June 2010, some of them became colleagues. (I serve as a contributing editor at The High Calling, writing once a month for the online magazine. Thank you for following me there from time to time.)

This month, The High Calling launched its inaugural fundraising effort. Every gift received, up to $5,000, was matched, dollar for dollar, through a generous pledge by a High Calling reader. That matching gift offer was met and exceeded! But you can still be a part of this campaign, which helps us build and empower a community of believers.

How can you help?

1 — Pray for our ministry. Ask God to help us live out our mission and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we do our work. To God be the glory!

2 — Consider making a gift today by clicking on this link by May 31.

3 — Share the fundraising linkon Twitter and Facebook.

4 — Join The High Calling and become a member of our growing community of writers, photographers, poets, artists, and readers. Membership is free — but it comes with highly valuable perks! The High Calling is a place where Christians can safely ask the difficult questions about their work, their faith, their daily lives. And it’s a place where we can find true community among people with shared values. (Note: You do not have to be a blogger to be a part of The High Calling.)

TOP IMAGE: “Wordle” from Made with text from a recent post I wrote about The High Calling.
PHOTO COLLAGE: From a retreat last year at Laity Lodge. Top left, BibleDude and me; Top left, Ann Voskamp, me and Deidra Riggs. Bottom left, Gordon Atkinson; Bottom right, Ann Kroeker.

On behalf of The High Calling, thank you for the ways you support the Kingdom Work being done there. To God be the glory.

by | May 28, 2011 | 7 comments


  1. Jeanne Damoff

    Love the High Calling! Thanks for all you (personally and collectively) do for so many, including me.

    Much love.

    • dukeslee

      Your voice is such a blessing in the HC community, Jeanne! God bless you as you continue to minister to people through the written word. Love ya.

  2. Simply Darlene

    Indeed, to God be the glory! And the praises for all the fine folks at The High Calling.

    Thanks for sharing these images. I love seeing you all!


    • dukeslee


      It’s been a joy getting to know you through The High Calling. I’m so blessed to call you friend. xoxo Love ya.

  3. Jennifer@Adam's Rib

    I would have flown a thousand miles to be at your retreat earlier in the year. I’ve always been looking for a place where I can fit in. I never quite do. But a place with Christians who live their faith and whose hearts are full of words waiting to come forth–it sounds like heaven to me, people who would understand me, whom I could learn from and relate to. I’ve found some of this in the blogosphere. But your retreat saw the physical connections that are made onscreen…I must say I envy you that.

    • dukeslee


      It was an incredible experience having an opportunity to pray with, commune with, laugh with, and even cry with these friends who have become very, very real in my life.

      I’d love to have that experience with you someday, Jennifer.

  4. Tay

    I’ve never heard of the High Calling. I’ll have to check it out!


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