Joy Among Thorns (And a Prayer Request)

December 30, 2012 | 47 comments

Dear friends,

I don’t know what you face in the coming year, or where this little note finds you right now as the clock ticks on, and 2013 marches in. As I write, people I love dearly are sitting in hospitals, and hospice houses, and homes with heartbreaking news.

Just now, my own father is in ICU with a heart problem, far away from home, and far away from me.

Will you pray for us? For our family? For Dad? (I asked Dad by text tonight if I could ask all of you to pray, and he responded that he “would be able to leap tall buildings with that prayer cover!”) 🙂 I agree! You’re simply amazing!

And friend — no matter what trouble befalls us in the coming year, whatever thorny patch we find ourselves in, may our trademarked Christ-Joy be the stubborn bloom that persists despite the thorns.

Love, Jennifer

by | December 30, 2012 | 47 comments


  1. Carol Hulin

    Jennifer….praying my friend, praying….

  2. Linda

    Dearest Jennifer,
    I will be praying for your precious Dad,and for all of you.
    with much love,

  3. Ro elliott

    Prayers right now my friend

  4. Lori

    Aw, Jennifer……I will pray for your dear Daddy… sad to hear that. Lori

  5. Tara

    Praying here in Indiana. Healing for your dad and grace & peace for you.

  6. kendal

    taking time to pray right now. sorry you are far away….

  7. Rebecca Presnell

    Jennifer, I am lifting your Daddy and you in prayer now. May God hold your father in His healing hands, and I pray for comfort and peace for you and the rest of your family. It’s so hard to be far away when someone we love is in need.

  8. jennifer T

    Prayers for your dad and the rest of your family!

  9. Shelly R

    Praying Jennifer! Praying!

  10. Jo-Ann

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad — I will pray for him and for you. I understand a little of your concern as my 91 year old mother traveled to my brother’s for Christmas, fell and broke her hip and is presently in a rehab facility far from home and me.

  11. S. Etole

    Holding you in prayer as you begin the New Year. What gift you and yours are.

  12. Sandy Paige

    praying for your dad and family

  13. Marcia Steffen

    Prayers lifted, faith strong, chin up . . . Praying for your Dad, for your whole family, Jennifer. MS.

  14. Abby

    Jennifer, thank you for the beautiful graphic. You can count on me to pray for your dad and your family. Blessing to you dear one. ~ Abby

  15. Cheryl

    I believe that when one shares something with another, it is not by accident but by or because of a purpose. God’s willing purpose for us. It is an honor to pray for your Dad <3

  16. emily wierenga

    stopping right now to pray, friend. love you.

  17. Lynn Morrissey

    Praying for your beloved father, along with my beloved mother who has serious heart tests this Wednesday. I know both their hearts beat for Jesus, and He knows and counts every beat. May the Lord protect them both. with much love to you, dearest Jennifer.

  18. Pam

    I lift him up right now… declaring God’s promise of Malachi 4:2 over him. The promise that always reminds me of Christmas, Hark the Herald Angels… Healing in His Psalm 91 wings over you and your dad.

    Father, speak life into Jen’s dad’s heart. Your word of Light and life and healing. May the blood of the Lamb pour over each artery,each cell, flowing your Life through his blood to every part of his body. Your divine health restoring. BAthe him in your peace, in your healing blood, in your Word… and be an ever flowing well of life to him. Spring up o well and make him whole… filling him with your life abundantly.

  19. Ro Elliott

    Thanks for sharing…praying now my friend

  20. Karen

    Praying, Jennifer.

  21. Sylvia R

    Praying, right now.

  22. Stephani

    I’m praying. With two elderly parents, one with Alzheimer’s and another with Parkinson’s I truly know the concern and ache in your heart for a parent who needs healing. As my Sunday school teacher often says, “God’s bigger ‘n what’s the matter.”

  23. Sharon O

    Praying you can go see him as soon as possible.

  24. Misti O.

    Praying that the Great Physician will wrap His healing hands around your Dad!!!

  25. Nikki

    Father…Master Physician,
    My heart is heavy for Jennifer and her Dad tonight. Lord, be with the doctor’s tending to him. Give them the guidance and proper instruction for how to care for him. For You know him best.
    Jesus, be at his bedside tonight. Wrap Your loving, healing hands around him. Just a simple touch will do…
    To You be all glory and honor, Father…


  26. Kathie

    Honored to pray with you and for you, your Daddy and family.

  27. joseph cantone

    jennifer starting now and putting you and your family on my permanent prayer list. please pray for me i have advanced prostate cancer. best to you all in the coming year.

  28. Jamie Jones

    I will pray with you and for you all. XOXO

  29. Kim

    Prayers and hugs from Kansas for all of you, Jennifer.

  30. Holly

    Standing stubbornly before the Lord, asking him the desires of our hearts, knowing he holds them in the palm of his hand.

  31. Laura

    I am praying, Jennifer! I do hope he’s doing better, please let us know. Love to you, my friend.

  32. SimplyDarlene

    I second all that miss Laura said…


  33. floyd

    I’m praying for your dad and family. Honored to do so. Thank you.

  34. Donna

    Father, I lift Jennifer’s father to you know. I ask that you heal and comfort him. Give his doctor’s wisdom. Show Jennifer and her Dad that distance does not matter to You. You are only a prayer’s whisper away. Cover the situation with Your grace and mercy. In Your Precious Name.

  35. Deanna Ingalls

    I can’t believe this…..We are sure praying for Phil, your mom and all your family. I don’t have to tell you that God is beside all of you as you very well know this…we are holding onto God’s hand praying he will heal your dad……we love both of your parents so much. I have sent the prayer chain out to our support group in our church you know so well……take care and much love from us.

  36. Jillie

    Jennifer…I am praying.

  37. Nancy

    Praying for all of you and the doctors who work with your dad. Sending love to you and your family.

  38. Angie Vik

    Sorry to hear your Dad isn’t feeling well. It’s hard when people we love are sick or injured and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even harder when they’re far away. My Mom has had many touch and go moments in the last ten years so I know a little of what you’re going through. Hang in there.

  39. Cathy B*****y

    Jennifer, we all lift him, and you, up to the Father in Prayer. God is faithful. Love your fathers attitude and answer.. and the Word promises us that wherever 2 or more are gathered in His name, He is in the midst of them! I just love that verse so much.. such a promise to grasp onto!
    This past week 3 family and friends passed on to I too have a prayer request. The Lord chose to take home my prayer partner and one of my dearest friends of many years on Friday morning .I spoke with her on Christmas eve. Our bond was great and my mourning and grieving is great, even though I know she is with Him and no longer suffering after a year of horrific cancer problems… but she was only 47 and had so many dreams and goals.. She served the Lord with a full heart and was very active with missionary work as well and volunteered in several countries whenever she had vacation breaks.. Over the last few days I have wept much..tears to fill a river.. I go to pick up the phone or open an email to call her or write her and then realize she is in her Real Home now… and my heart breaks once again with that realization. Comforted by the Lord that she is no longer hurting, but also knowing in a deep way how short our journey truly is and the value of each day.. May 2013 draw us all closer to His heartbeat!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  40. Dolores E. Torres/Green

    Praying sweet friend..praying..Hugs to YOU..♥ Dee

  41. Jan

    Praying for your Dad and you right now, Jennifer. Hugs, Jan

  42. Laura Rath

    I love this…”Joy is the stubborn bloom that persists despite the thorns.”

  43. Nancy

    Jennifer Praying for your dear Father and your family that you will feel the peace that passes all understanding.

  44. Sandra Heska King

    Just slipping in right now with a lump in my throat and your daddy (and Momma D) on my heart. Love you, friend.

  45. AOT

    Just in case prayers are still needed, just wanted to say it’s our privilege to pray in agreement with you for your father’s recovery.


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