October 18, 2008 | 3 comments

My husband and I went to a movie called FIREPROOF last night, with some good friends. In keeping with the fire analogy of the movie, I offer this review: it was flaming good, “four-alarm” good.

FIREPROOF is a relationship drama with a strong Christian message. The movie examines a failing marriage, and then offers faith as a prescription through a 40-day experiment called the Love Dare.

If you go, take tissues. On the Cry-O-Meter, it ranked up there with E.T. I forgot Kleenex, so had to use a buttery-popcorn napkin.

The movie touched a nerve for me. Throughout the movie, with my husband beside me, I thought about what our marriage might look like in 2008 if we had continued to hold God at a distance, as we had done for the first years of our marriage. Other priorities were creeping in. God was here, but we paid scant attention. Our work, our various manmade idols, our personal agendas — even blessings like our kids — were taking the focus off of our marriage and off of God.

We know where we want to stay: in the middle of God’s will. Wherever that may take us. Whatever He may hand us. Life’s struggles haven’t disappeared with Him at our side, but we know who holds us together in the midst of those struggles.

On a side note, as a newspaper journalist for many years, I came home to read the movie reviews. I was struck at how differently the secular movie critics viewed the movie. Here are three:

One reviewer wrote: “Unfortunately, the emphasis on what God wants has a way of overwhelming who Caleb and Catherine are as characters.” The reviewer here criticizes the development of the story’s main characters, but I view the act of God overwhelming us in light of God’s grace. From my perspective, God should overwhelm all of us as characters in our life stories.

Another reviewer wrote: “… the conversion subplot feels shoehorned into the more crucial marital doings.” Note, the reviewer’s definition of what was more crucial. What’s more crucial in my own life? God, am I living a life where You are the most crucial, important piece? I pray He shoehorns Himself into all places of my life.

A third reviewer wrote: “FIREPROOF stops becoming relatable to us all and only to the already, or easily, indoctrinated.” This reviewer may be right. In fact, Scripturally, this makes perfect sense. Here’s why: What resonates with followers of Christ can look like “foolishness” to non-Christians, “and he cannot understand them.” (1 Corinthians 2:14)

Things certainly appear differently when viewed through the lens of the cross.

If you’ve seen the movie — whether you liked it or not — I’d love to hear your review! Your thoughts are welcome here.

by | October 18, 2008 | 3 comments


  1. Jesse and Sarah

    Greetings new friend,

    Funny as I accidently stumbled across your blog yesterday and read some tidbits about your side of life. This is one of the posts I skimmed? or is it spelled skimed?

    Anywho, so last night at a friends backyard BBQ the same movie was brought up. (Apparently there is a bible study book or something about it??) So I turned to my husband and said ‘Okay, that’s twice in less than 6 hours I have heard mention of this movie. Let’s please go see it soon.’

    So now, we have a date. Well, an unofficial date to see it sometime this week. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope my husband gets from it the same things I do. (Ya know? Since men are different and all….) Can’t wait!!!!

    I’ll make sure not to utilize left over popcorn tissue though! LOL

  2. Carey

    Went to see it Saturday night with hubby. I LOVED IT!!!! I’d looked into so much it took me a little bit to get into it cuz I already knew what was going on. But after a bit it had me hooked! Best movie I’ve seen in years. Recommend to anyone and everyone.

  3. Jesse and Sarah

    After first reading about Fireproof on your blog and then later at a friends house I knew I had to see it. Unfortunately I wanted my husband to go with me but we had a falling out and so I went alone. Like you said, it was a great movie! I made sure I had some paper towels in my purse to hold back the tears and sure enough I used them all. Why is it that when theatres show a tear-jearker they don’t have tissue at the ends of isles???

    Thanks for introducing this movie to me as I had never heard of it before reading your blog.


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