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Two sisters lean back into booster seats as I steer down winding country roads to the doctor. Oldest sister’s eyes droop, and fever-warm limbs dangle from her 46-pound frame. Youngest sister scribbles on a glittery-purple notepad in the seat beside her.

“Mommy?” Oldest sister’s voice croaks and shakes, and I hear tears rising up. “If God really loves me, why am I so sick?”

I flash a glance into the rear view mirror to see red-rimmed eyes spilling with doubt.

I’m about to remind my firstborn how God holds us in His hands even when we hurt. I want to tell her again how He’s beside us and living inside of us, and how He’ll never leave us.

But I don’t have to.

Little sister has the answer. She tears a page from her notepad, and slips Big Sister a hand-drawn gift.

“It’s God’s hand, with a cross in the middle,” she whispers, and in that moment, I see how even a five-year-old can transcribe God’s Truths to a sister in need. They are a cord of three strands — two little sister-pilgrims braided to their Abba Father. (And this mama watched silently, as a witness to Kingdom Work in the back seat of a Chrysler van.)

Little Sister had written Big Sister’s name across the top of God’s hand.

“Thank you, Anna,” Lydia chokes out the words and pats her sister’s arms. “That was really nice.”

“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” — Isaiah 49:16


Should we wander
or find a soul red-rimmed with doubt
May we remember the One who knows our names
who sympathizes with weakness.
And should we forget,
as we’re prone to do,
may we have a Sister standing by to draw us
into His presence again.

“Draw me, Lord.”


Lydia has fully recovered from her illness, which required an overnight hospital stay this week.

She celebrates her 8th birthday on Monday, and as a family we celebrate the God of Psalm 139.

May you have a weekend drenched in grace, drawn in love.

by | November 13, 2009 | 24 comments


  1. Jackie

    This post touched my heart so! How awesome that He let you observe His love in action within your Chrysler van!

    I know your heart was so filled with gratitude and awe to see your little one's simple yet powerful understanding of His love and tender care!

    Lord, I want to be more like that……..sowing seeds of encouragement and love in more simple and powerful ways!

    Oh, Jennifer, as for that precious little hand drawn masterpiece – I'd frame that one for sure!

  2. A Simple Country Girl

    Your poem tucked near the bottom of the post is now tucked in my heart.

    What wonders and miracles and Truths He tosses into our lives, even when we are glancing at life in the rearview mirror.

    Oh, bless you and your precious little ones this day.

  3. RCUBEs

    Your children may be young at their age but they truly understand what it means to trust in the Lord! Oh, how He must have smiled really wide up there to see His beloved child of 5 comfort her older sister to remember His love.
    You are a great mom sister Jennifer and your heart after the Lord is very evident with the way your young daughters show their trust and love for Him. They see this from their mom.
    God bless you all and glad to know that your daughter is healed! Happy Birthday to her and may God bless her richly.

  4. jasonS

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you! And my son's 9th birthday is on Monday so what do you know…

    Also wanted to let you know you're on the favorites list for this week- thanks for all your encouragement. 🙂

  5. patty

    As a woman who has been loved by God through my own precious sisters, this post brought tears to my eyes and praises for those "sister-pilgrims" to my lips. Thank you…

  6. ~*Michelle*~

    Oh I love how God shines His Light through the little children….

    …thanks for sharing this, Jennifer!

  7. Fridaydreamer

    Oh Jennifer,
    No wonder we have to be like little children to enter the Kingdom!! They are so sensitive to Him and so straightforward in their faith. Thank you for sharing this dazzling picture of God at work and His littlest servants living big in faith!

  8. Deborah Ann

    Ohmigosh, is that sweet or what? There's nothing like the little one's wonderings that tugs at the heart so.

  9. Pttyann

    Oh Jennifer what a heart touching wonderful post,my God that was so very good and encouraging!!!!!!Wow 2 Sisters just blew Mommy's mind and a ton of readers! Thanks so much for blessing me Jennifer and I hope the "Birthday Party" goes well.
    Love you Jennifer and have a wonderful evening.

  10. Julie

    This is so beautiful! Your children are just oozing with the love of Christ! How I want my faith to be as child-like!

    I am so glad to hear that Lydia has recovered and is doing well!

    I pray you all have a relaxing weekend and a wonderful birthday celebration on Monday!

  11. Jennifer

    I'm glad Lydia is better. Such a precious connection, the cords that bind siblings together. But the drawing was the most priceless–that a five year old can know the truth in the tough times. You're teaching them well.

  12. Wylie

    AWESOME!!!! I love this! These precious moments are such a huge blessing, and display of God's power through our children. Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Karen

    How precious…children always seem to explain simple truths better than adults …Happy Birthday to your little one…..

  14. Joye @ The Joyeful Journey

    This is so beautiful, so very, very beautiful!! Your precious daughters understand the love of our Father so perfectly and simply!! Amazing! And your heart as their mommy must have been ready to burst! That picture is worth a thousand words!

  15. Shirley

    Wow! What a beautiful moment to bear witness to!!!

  16. Rose

    Boy, children get right to the heart of the matter. Praise God. Praying for your little one to feel much better soon. Somehow, after seeing that drawing, I have a feeling she will!

  17. elaine @ peace for the journey

    I'm so glad she's finally better… just in time for her birthday! Enjoy your weekend.


  18. Girl In a Glass House

    How beautiful this was and how powerful a testimony to your godly mothering! A child can bless us deeply because they do things purely…no hidden motive. Just truth

    I am glad to hear that she is well. I contracted swine flu while away on a trip but am now recovering.

  19. Deidra

    The souls of your girls are so very rich and deep. God is spilling Himself into them right there in the back seat of your car. Such a blessing! Such sweet and beautiful hearts!

  20. anitamartin

    Wowsers! With tears threatening, I am in awe and inspired by a 5 year old's love for the Father. Thank you! (Thank Him!)

  21. sparrowwatch.wordpress.com

    Dear Jennifer…

    I lost my sister to lukemia a decade ago. She too drew me into His presence precisely when I needed Him most.

    I still miss her.

    But this early snowy morning before dawn… You and your words have filled that empty space…

    Thank you. And thank your precious little girls. Will you tell them that they ministered to the heart of a far away friend?

    Thank you…

  22. optigrl987

    Your girls are flowers blossoming from God's love and your love. Beautiful post!! And a blessed, heartfelt Happy Birthday!!!

  23. Crystal


    God is so close. Sometimes it takes a child, whose heart has not been jaded by the world, to remind us.

    I am glad your daughter is feeling better!

  24. Jackie

    Glad to see the update of the full recovery of your little one! Thank you Jesus!

    Sweet Blessings!



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