Crazy Little Thing Called Love

July 27, 2011 | 7 comments

We can Get Down With Jesus. And we can Get Down with the 1980s.

Often times, we can do both! And that’s what I’m doing today with a guest-post over at The High Calling.

Will you moon-walk on over to The High Calling today? We’re strolling through the 1980s, and finding ourselves smack-dab in the middle of the song.

Go ahead, bring your Cabbage Patch kids and Atari joysticks. Rat your hair (the bigger the better) and wear your Swatch.

See you there!  (Click here to get to The High Calling.)

Photo: Senior pictures of my favorite farmer and me. 🙂

by | July 27, 2011 | 7 comments


  1. David Rupert

    Jennifer. Who says 80’s music was terrible? I love it!

  2. Simply Darlene

    Jennifer Dude Lee, I did not rat my hair, own a cabbage patch kid or play atari, but I sure did dance a lot. I still moon walk, what about you?


    (FYI: When I call you JDL, I mean Jennifer Dude Lee…) 😉

  3. Laura

    Love, love, love the ending! Your post so reminds me of moments spent in OUR car, only it’s boys (four of them) who are rolling their eyes.

  4. Sam Van Eman

    Nice family photo, Jennifer! (Darlene, she has the full high school portrait on fb. Soooo wish you could see it since you’re competing for best 80s pic.)

  5. Megan Willome

    Gotta love that hair! It reminds me of my senior picture, which, to my eternal mortification, is on my husband’s bedside table. Aack!

  6. Missie

    I love the pictures!

  7. Cheryl Smith

    This couple was voted most likely to embarrass their children. 🙂


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