Celebrating the Passover: A Messianic Seder

April 13, 2011 | 10 comments

On the night before Jesus took the spikes — canceling the record of charges against us in a red-stained verdict — Jesus told his friends: “I eagerly desire to eat the Passover with you.”

And some-2,000 years later, we eagerly desire to eat it with Him.

Next Thursday night, we’ll decorate the table with dying palm branches curling on the edges — the branches that we waved while shouting “Hosanna! Hosanna!” on Palm Sunday morning.

We’ll ask the question: Why is this night different from all other nights? We’ll wrap a towel around the waist, and bow low like Christ, to wash feet. We’ll dip parsley in salt water, and we’ll remember the hyssop and the tears. Together, our family will drink from the cup of redemption by candlelight. We’ll remember the cross Jesus bore. And in the midst of our sorrow, we’ll remember this, too: Sunday is a-comin’!

It’s a Jewish feast — the Passover Seder — but it is ours, too. We hold it dear, because God holds it dear. We celebrate it, because Jesus did. And like the disciples, we will stand in awe of the new things He revealed through an ancient ritual.

In one week, we will celebrate a Messianic Passover Seder meal around the table.

Have you considered celebrating, too, in your own home, church or Sunday School — but you don’t know where to start? I have something for you!

Several years ago, I researched and wrote a Messianic Passover Seder celebration for our church, and a second script for families with children. Today, I am sharing the script and instructions for the Messianic Passover Seder for Families, which you may find by clicking here. And yes, you are free to use the material!

You may choose to modify it for age-appropriateness.

And remember, it’s okay to celebrate, and even to laugh as you partake of the meal! Yes, we are remembering a solemn occasion, but we also celebrate this memorable feast, aware that Jesus Christ died yet rose again.


Photos from last year’s meal around our kitchen table.

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by | April 13, 2011 | 10 comments


  1. A Simple Country Girl

    Oh miss Jennifer, last year our family followed your script/instructions. It was a joyous celebration. Since the man of the house will be gone next week, I asked my 7-year old son if he would rather we find a church that is doing this and join them. He said, "Oh mamma, I like doing it at home so much better." I reckon we will. I think his daddy can join us via phone for the readings though…


  2. Lisa notes...

    We have done 'pseudo' Passover meals at our house before, but one day I'd like to experience a more authentic one. Thanks for sharing such good info here.

  3. Taylor

    A few years ago, our family participated in a passover messianic seder. All of the symbolism involved in it was very interesting and moving. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful practice.

  4. Prairie Chick

    I love Passover. I am getting ready!

  5. Missie

    What a neat thing…I have never done that..it would be really awesome to incorporate into the whole easter season

  6. Amy Sullivan

    I've always wanted to learn more about Seder!

  7. Laura@OutnumberedMom

    Yes, I've experienced this, and it was so incredibly meaningful. It set the stage perfectly for Easter. Great post, and beautifully written!

  8. steve

    There is no such a thing as "Easter" The question is not what is Easter but Who is Easter ??? Ostar -Ishtar-is a Pagan goddess that witchcraft worshiped then and even today .Rome did not like the Biblical word Passover so they borrowed a Pagan goddesses name Ishtar-Easter. Rome even changed God's date. Pagan Easter looks to the planets to get the date.True Messianic Believers go to the word of God 14th day of Nisson every year-April 18 this year.So learn your Jewish Roots also no shuch thing as good friday again Rome changed things. Rabbi Messiah Yeshua was put in the Grave on Wednesday and came out Sat.evening. which began the 1st day of the week Sunday.The word Jesus was never known English was not invented yet. The Father Named His Son Yeshua ! Shalom. Yeshua is the Passover Lamb .

  9. steve

    This is a good site and I am glad many want to learn about the Jewish Roots of the Faith. I am a Messianic Jew .A good book to start with is " Our Father Abraham"
    Sad to say I just talked to the Whittenburg Church in Germany Lutheran the Judensau in still on the Building I demanded they remove it .They told me they would not. Google Judensau and you will learn about these statues on Churches demeaning Jews who are nursing from a Hog very horrorable.
    Please learn the real Messiah Rabbi Yeshua in the Bible*** Rabbi,Son of God and King of Israel
    John 1:49

  10. sandra

    Oh, how I enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of the pasover meal. I am not Jewish, yet we have celebrated for several years. I tried my best to pull up the recipes
    you had listed. A note had been posted, saying it had moved to another page. Thanks for the photos they help to set a different table this year. Miss Jennifer, you are a blessing.


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