Blindfolded (A Video Message from Jennifer Lee)

March 13, 2012 | 23 comments

I spent a lot of my life doubting God. REALLY doubting God. As in, I’m not sure He even existed. It was like living life blindfolded.

I tell you about it today, in this video message…

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The song excerpt in this video was written, performed and recorded by my sweet friend, Helen Martin. She is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful heart for Jesus. You can find her songs by searching “Helen Martin” on iTunes.

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Some call them coincidences. We call them God-incidences. And those goosebumps you get sometimes when you know the Holy Spirit is at work? Yep. They’re God-Bumps.

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by | March 13, 2012 | 23 comments


  1. Hazel Moon

    There are times even when we believe that God IS and that He exists, we wonder if he loves ME enough to provide, care, love, nourish, open doors, heal, comfort, and vendicate me when I need it. Then we realize where those thought of doubt come from and we know that The Father of Lies only brings doubt and condemnation.

  2. Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

    Jennifer Lee, Christ shines all over your beautiful face!

    I’ve had the same experience…of believing in my heart first. In fact, when I gave my testimony just two weeks ago, I mentioned that I can remember sitting in church as a teenager, wanting to believe, wanting to understand what the pastor was saying…but my head kept getting in the way.

    LOVE your videos – love you!

  3. Joe Pote

    Beautiful, Jennifer! Sometimes the journey of faith seems pretty backwards, but we can trust God to lead us, even when we feel like we’re walking blindfolded.

  4. Shelly Miller

    Beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness Jennifer. I am one of those intuitive learners that doesn’t always need evidence but there are seasons that I am looking for it. Wanting something tangible to carry me through a time of questioning or difficulty. Love your blindfolded game analogy. It puts legs on the message.

  5. Jennifer Ferguson

    What really struck me was the spinning around and around. Is this not what I sometimes do every single day? And in all the spinning, I lose focus and I lose the grip on the one who makes all things good. May I trust in Him, even when the world is spinning out of control.

  6. Shaunie Friday

    What a great analogy, Jennifer! The ability to do without what physical sight can tell us and to turn up the dial on those other (sometimes spiritual) senses that can tell us so much more is one we all need to develop. I love seeing and hearing you in your video posts–makes me want to reach right through and hug you!!

  7. Linda

    I am trying to write through blurry eyes Jennifer. This is so very beautiful.
    For me, the doubts didn’t start until I was much older and began to let my head rule my heart. I always believed, but I had to struggle through persistent thoughts that cast shadows of doubt over my heart. It comes down to a simple matter of trusting what He has revealed – all around us and through His Spirit and the Word.
    Thank you for making me feel not so alone in this. You are a gift.

  8. Elizabeth

    Dear Jennifer, your words are so full of wisdom, truth and comfort. Thank you oh so much for posting this video. Thank you for hosting this community each week.

  9. Sandra Heska King

    Oh friend. I love this. I love you. And I love this peek into your childhood home, your growing up, and your heart. And this learning to pay attention with our other senses when we can’t see with our eyes. It takes a lifetime.

  10. kendal

    awesome, jen. jsut awesome. i love your honesty. this blog community is do wonderful for those of us who think everyone else has always had it all together.

  11. Cheryl Smith

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    I so love you.

  12. Angie Vik

    Well done, friend. So fun to hear your voice again. So blessed by your faithfulness to use your gifts for our Father’s glory.

  13. Michelle DeRusha

    Ok, can I just say that it’s kind of unfair that you’re a stellar writer AND a stellar speaker? I mean, really? Seriously, Jennifer – you are so comfortable on camera – I felt like you were sitting right here in my sunroom, both of us in our pjs, with a glass of red wine in our hands, sharing a bowl of Ritz crackers (yup, that’s what I’ve got going on here tonight).

    I was an unbeliever for so, so long – my whole life until just a few years ago, I think. But I love what you say about being a want-to-believer, because I was that, too. We have so much in common, Jennifer. But I feel like you have a deeper, truer love for God than I do. We need to talk, talk, talk in person so I can figure out how you got there, girl!

  14. laura

    You are such a beautiful believer too, my friend. How I love sitting with you here, listening to your stories. What a wonderful gift you give–this gift of your voice. Love you.

  15. patricia spreng

    Oh dear, your childhood pictures. Priceless. What a little doll baby girl! … and I think Jesus would say the exact same words, right now, after listening to your video.

    Preach it sister. Yes and amen!

  16. Angie Vik

    Oops. I accidentally linked my post to the preview not the actual post. Are you able to erase Entry #29 from your Linky?

  17. Megan Willome

    I’ve been heart-first, then head, too.

    Today, my God-bump is repentance. Up all night repenting, begging God to intervene. All is still dark, even without that blindfold. But it’s off, I tell you.

  18. Kris

    Jennifer, this was beautiful. Thank you, for sharing your heart, your faith, for the beautiful way you share Christ. You have blessed me today.

  19. Dolly

    Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your faith-journey…wonderful teaching with heart…xoxo…

  20. Jenni Ho-Huan

    Thanks for this. I am a pastor with a young daughter whose head is constantly in the way! I am sharing this with her. Pray it will help her feel understood and hopeful..and desire to open her heart more fully to Jesus.

    Thank you. beautifully done too.

  21. Caroline

    Thank you so much for posting this. I had picked up Ann’s book again this last Tuesday while waiting for my son at piano practise. I only read one chapter and read the very portion of the book you read out on the video and I had also jotted the words down in my thankful journal because they were an answer to prayer as I had been crying out to God this week to help me believe ! I felt hope and belief rise in my my heart as I listened to you – a miracle ! Every blessing to you xxx

  22. Tiffany Stuart

    Always love your videos and posts. Thank YOU for being an example of a real believer. I look forward to your book. Cheering you on from Colorado,




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