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Saturday 12th October 2013

What’s in Your Wagon?

Every wagon,
whether half-full or half-empty,

every sky,
whether smiling or angry,

and every amber wave of grain …

is cupped in the hands of a trustworthy God, who will carry us toward a completed joy.


iowa harvest, night havest, joy complete

What are you harvesting in this season?
Tell me what’s in your wagon.



  • Beautiful. Simply beautiful, Jennifer. What am I harvesting? I’d currently have to say that I’m harvesting rest and healing…and the patience and perseverance to endure the process.

  • I am harvesting a bit of humility as the Lord exposes pride in my heart. I am also harvesting a heaping helping of grace, as the Lord exposes pride in my heart. 🙂

  • The wheels on my wagon are shot and wobbly. I’ve fear I may have had it “fixed” too many times! Seriously, my wagon is tattered but full of the grace from my Father… may mine get pulled along by His hand to pass out that grace that He’s called me and you to deliver. Nice job, sister.

  • What am I harvesting? The joy of the Lord. My Strength. My Foreverness.

  • I am beginning to harvest the fruit of many years of hard parenting. My wagon contains bushel baskets I sent out with each of them and the Lord is beginning to return them one by one….not all at once and to be honest some of the baskets are filled with different fruit than I expected–but just as sweet. I sent a small one out for myself..and wouldn’t you know, God replaced it with a bigger one for the fruit of my next season. Beautiful JDL

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