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Tuesday 25th September 2012

The More Things Change

I see it all with startling clarity, right before the last bit of daylight slips under those yellowing fields, all swaying like a lion’s mane.

I stand still, with my arms crossed, a fair distance away, watching my two daughters.

That’s when I see the truth of it: time has a way of folding over on itself.

(I’m telling the rest of this story at The High Calling. I do hope you’ll click over and join us there!

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  • He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it! Thanks for the great post and for hosting the linkup, & God bless!

  • What a wonderful post. I really loved this line “she wanted to double-stick-tape it to the folds of her soul.” As a mother and grandmother there are so many happenings where I would like to do exactly that. I think I do, just without the tape. Thanks for hosting your lovely link party and for visiting my blog.

  • Pam

    Your words dance like fireflies across the page, Jennifer. Love this story!!

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