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Saturday 3rd March 2012

The Love Idol Movement

The Love Idol Movement is a game-changer. It’s a heart-changing movement to evict the Love Idols in our lives, to make more room for Christ. It’s a movement born out of my book, Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval – and Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes.

The Love Idol movement starts here, with these questions:

What lies does your heart tell you? Whose approval do you seek? Where have you looked for love or validation? 

Would you be willing to name it? Or him? Or her? Or them?

This is us, together, letting go of what (or whom) is claiming real-estate in our hearts — real estate that actually belongs to God.

This is about freedom coming.

Love Idol Movement Facebook Page

Join us here, at our Love Idol Movement page on Facebook.

We are helping each other practically and prayerfully give those idols up – for good and for GOD.

We identify our idols, name them, then ask God to evict then.

Then (this is the fun part!) we mark those areas with the truth about who we are. We remind each other that we have nothing to prove. We’re already approved.

In Christ, we’re preapproved!


Maybe you’ve sought approval with your appearance. Stick the truth on your mirror, your bathroom scale, your closet door. (Find our printables below).

Maybe you grew up in a legalistic church where Scriptures were twisted to make you feel UNloved and UNapproved. Well then … most definitely put that printable in your Bible, so you remember what He says about you!

Put a preapproved printable on your refrigerator, your wallet, your office cubicle, your front door, your family photo collage … whatever “place” reminds you of the love idols that will soon be a part of your PAST, no longer a part of your FUTURE.

God’s got this.


Then, if you’re willing, tell us — and tell the world! — that you’re preapproved!

Tell us how you’re preapproved TODAY! Tag your photos and posts on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter with #preapproved and #loveidol.

Real Heart Change Ahead …. }



We are the Lee Family. And we are preapproved.






Click here to print the preapproved cutouts. Place these where ever your Love Idols have lurked! LoveIdolPrintable_pink

Preapproved printable: to frame, to put on your refrigerator, to give to a friend. Click here to print. My gift to you, brave soul!


Join us on the Love Idol Movement Facebook Page, and share your stories.



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