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Tuesday 26th September 2017

The More Things Change (An Autumn Reflection)

The More Things Change (An Autumn Reflection)

Just a little story for you today. It’s a reflection about fall, and mothering, and how in this world of change, we hold tight to a few treasured things that, thankfully, remain the same. The More Things Change a story by Jennifer Dukes Lee I see it all with startling clarity, right ...

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Monday 18th September 2017

the one thing we’ll never outgrow

the one thing we'll never outgrow

I was having a downer kind of day. Nothing major. (Sometimes it’s the little things, all adding up, that manage to bring you down.) I knew what to do with that kind of day. I drove to church to talk to my pastor. She’s a gem of a mentor, and has this habit of helping me […]

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Friday 8th September 2017

When Terrific Turns Toxic

When Terrific Turns Toxic

It was a toxic friendship, though I didn’t recognize it for a very long time. I performed all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to make that thing work, but I continued to get hurt emotionally, and the poison I was drinking was killing me. Long after the friendship had ended, I was still ...

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Tuesday 5th September 2017

When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan

When Life Doesn’t Go According To Plan By KariAnne Wood Raise your hand if you’ve ever watched an entire home makeover take place in under an hour on television. At the risk of stating the obvious—it’s amazing. The host enters the house in its underwhelming “before” stage and everyone ...

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